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Keeping a distance – how Mable helps to maintain professional boundaries

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As an independent support worker, it’s important to have protections in place for you as well as your clients. As part of the Mable community, we work behind the scenes in lots of ways build safeguards. An important part of keeping yourself safe is maintaining professional boundaries. Here’s how we support you to do it.

Support work is inherently personal. Your clients are often relying on you for emotional as well as practical support. In this context it might be a challenge to strike the right balance between building a relationship of trust and maintaining appropriate distance from your clients. Part of this is about certain behaviours that you can maintain in the workplace to develop appropriate that promote appropriate relationships with clients. But professional boundaries is also about having a framework in place that’s designed to protect you.

Keeping things formal

Using Mable as a platform helps to maintain professional boundaries by ensuring there is a formal agreement in place with your clients. Your Mable agreement sets out all the important aspects of your arrangement and is a vital reference point should any questions arise later. It’s also an important step in confirming your insurances are in place. Need a refresher on creating agreements? Read our article here.

Your records, all in one place

Many Mable support workers develop close working relationships with clients that oftentimes can feel like friendships. While this can be a good thing, it can also make things awkward should a disagreement arise over payments. The Mable platform provides you with a transparent portal to store all your financial agreements, timesheets and payment records. In this sense, the platform serves as a buffer to help you resolve matters if anything goes wrong.

Finding a resolution

Sometimes, relationships in the workplace need a little helping hand. Regardless of how long you’ve been working with a client, incidents can arise that you need support to navigate. Without appropriate boundaries, work incidents can feel intensely personal, and have the potential to threaten the entire working relationship. Our Australian-based support team is on hand to step in when you need it. Whether it’s advice on how to handle a tricky situation, or you’d like independent help mediating an incident, or you have a question about navigating the sector, we’re here 9am–5pm, Monday to Friday (AEST).

Keeping the code

Our Code of Conduct was created for all users of the Mable platform. That means clients, too. As trust grows, and your client becomes more comfortable with you, occasions could arise in which you’re asked to do favours. Maybe they’d like some support that you’re not qualified to give. Or perhaps you’re asked to briefly watch the kids, even though you don’t have a Working With Children Check. As an independent support worker, client satisfaction is incredibly important and you might find it hard to say no. But these situations can expose both you and your client to risk. In this case, the Mable Code of Conduct is a useful tool for you to refer to to help guide your client on what’s appropriate and what’s not.

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