Information Video: How to get the most out of your Home Care Package

Did you know that Consumer Directed Care means that for the first time, you have control over thousands of dollars in government home care funding each year?

Some aged care providers take up to 50% of that funding in fees and charges, leaving only half to spend on your care. From 27 February 2017, you have the freedom to shop around for a better deal.

Components covered in this information video:

  • An explanation of Home Care Packages and Consumer Directed Care.
  • Tips on how to get the most hours of support from your Home Care Package.
  • Learn how to double your hours of care with the same government funding.
  • Getting more flexibility, choice and control through hiring independent care workers via Mable.
  • How Mable partners with Approved Home Care Providers to offer consumers more choice, better value and better outcomes.

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