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Independent support workers using Mable have access to varied training

Did you know that independent support workers who offer their services via Mable have free access to training modules? We created the Mable Learning Hub so that our community of independent support workers can easily access training and upskilling opportunities.

Professional development benefits the Mable community

The Mable Learning Hub provides independent support workers offering their services through Mable with free access to over 100 courses by reputable organisations. These include National Disability Services (NDS), Dementia Australia, Autism Explained, La Trobe University and Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

Providing these learning and upskilling opportunities to the support worker at no cost to themselves makes them infinitely more accessible. By helping them to continually undergo professional development without cost being a barrier, the Mable community benefits.

Below is a brief rundown of just some of the courses offered. We encourage you to have a conversation with your support workers around accessing these courses for the benefit of clients such as yourself.

Supporting Older Australians

  • Facilitating Empowerment of Older Australians
  • Parkinson’s Disease Awareness
  • Aged Care Standards
  • Charter of Aged Care Rights
  • Intro to Aged Care
  • Recognising & Reporting Elder Abuse
  • What is Dementia?
  • Support Older People to Maintain their Independence
  • Provide Support to People Living with Dementia
  • Work Effectively with Older People
  • Elder Abuse
  • Cultural Diversity & Safety
  • Mobility & Dexterity
Conversation openers

“I’ve learned that Mable offers lots of training courses for support workers who support older Australians like my Mum, who has Dementia. Could you please do the Dementia-related courses in the Learning Hub?”

“I noticed Mable has a Learning Hub. It would be so helpful if you could take some of the courses so you can better support me.”

Supporting People with Disability

  • Introduction to the Disability Sector
  • Contemporary Practice in the Disability Sector
  • Person-Centred Care Training – NDIS
  • Nutrition for People with Disability
  • Promoting Health for People with Disability
  • Caring for a Child with Autism in the Healthcare Setting
  • Active Support – Every Moment Has Potential
  • Supporting Inclusion
  • Disability Aware: An Awareness & Inclusion Program
  • Disability Safe: Slips, Trips & Falls
  • Disability Safe: Food Safety for Disability Support Workers
  • Child Safe Standards
  • Understanding Hearing Loss
  • Sustainable Service Under the NDIS
Conversation openers

Could you please do those courses so that you can be even more helpful to our family – It would be great if you could complete them so you understand how to better support our person/child/son/daughter

“Did you know that Mable has a Learning Hub that offers free courses for support workers? There are some great topics that would be of excellent benefit to you in the support you provide me.”


  • Autism 101
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Deliver Care Services using a Palliative Approach
  • Parkinson’s Disease Awareness
  • Diabetes Awareness
  • Work with Diverse People
  • R U OK?
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing by Lifeline
  • Work Effectively with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People

So much more at the Learning Hub 

The Mable Learning Hub always offers something new and interesting for independent support workers to learn and because it’s free, it’s a great way for them to add more knowledge and skills to their capabilities. Aside from courses directly related to the support they provide, either to older Australians or people who live with disability, there are many opportunities to learn more about health and safety in the workplace, human rights, COVID-safe protocols, mental health awareness and so much more.

Your support worker may already be taking courses in the Learning Hub, and if so, it’ll be interesting to have a chat about what they’ve been learning. If they haven’t used it yet, a request or suggestion from you could be all the encouragement they need.

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