Want to improve your services and increase your income?

Increase your income

If you’re an independent support worker, it can help to get creative when thinking of new ways to provide support. That’s why we’re introducing you to Splend.

For support workers who don’t own a car for work purposes, hiring a vehicle through Splend is a cost-effective way to expand the supports you offer to your clients. Popular with Uber drivers who don’t want to use their personal vehicle, Splend allows you to hire a brand-new car to provide transport to others through gig economy platforms. 

How does Splend work? 

For a low weekly rental fee, you can hire one of Splend’s brand-new vehicles. 

Once you’ve picked up the car, it’s all yours. Whether you need to transport your client to medical appointments or classes, need to travel to your next support shift or want to run some personal errands, the vehicle is available to you 24/7.  

Once you sign up to Splend, you’ll have access to a dedicated Member Success Representative who provides care for your vehicle and offers personalised health insurance, discounted accounting services and access to informative business events.  

What does it cost to get started? 

To rent a vehicle from Splend, you’ll pay a one-off membership fee of $275. This allows you access to the Member Benefits program which includes fuel discounts, car washes, health insurance and more. 

What are my car rental options? 

Splend offers two different vehicle rent options:

Splend Rent offers a choice of two 5-star ANCAP-rated vehicles from $199 a week. An ANCAP rating is a way of measuring the safety of vehicles across Australia and New Zealand. Driving a vehicle with a 5-star ANCAP safety rating means you can rest assured you and your client can travel safely and comfortably. These vehicles also include scheduled maintenance, 24/7 breakdown assistance, vehicle registration, CTP and comprehensive rideshare insurance – all of which are specifically designed for you. You can learn more about Splend’s rent vehicles here.  

Splend Rent-to-Own offers a choice of two brand-new vehicles from a gradually decreasing cost over four yearsFor example, if you hire a vehicle for $324 a week, by your fourth year, you’ll be paying $249 a week – then the car is all yours. Find out more about Rent-to-Own vehicles here.  

Am I eligible? 

To provide your clients with the independence they’re looking for and kickstart your transport services with Splend, you need to be at least 25 years old and must have a good driving record.  

How can I get started? 

For more information, visit Splend’s website or give Splend a call on 1800 775 363.

Becoming an independent support worker means you can be your own boss and find work that fits in with your lifestyle. To find out more about the benefits of being a support worker on Mable, click here.