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How to Elevate Your Support Sessions with Clients This Year

2021 has the potential to be the antidote to 2020’s lockdown culture. What customers on the Mable platform keep telling us is that they want to get back out into the real world. They want to experience more, live a bigger life, have more fun and learn new things. This represents an opportunity for you to support them in their bright 2021 goals. Whatever your skills, experience and qualifications, check out the following suggestions that may align with your clients’ goals:

Health and fitness support

We all know that movement is healthy for our bodies, no matter our age, shape or fitness level. If your client is keen to become more active, there are a range of different activities available. You can support your clients in being more active through a range of different options. Do you (or your client) have a Wii Fit or a Nintendo Switch? These tools are excellent because they have lots of movement activities such as ten pin bowling, golf, boxing and dancing.

If these devices aren’t accessible to you, you and your client can get moving by engaging in some gentle stretches together, dancing to their favourite music and doing some light resistance exercises.

You could incorporate incidental exercise into you and your client’s time together, such as standing and walking while on the phone, playing with their pet during commercial breaks on TV, eating meals at the table instead of in front of TV, and sweeping a small section of floor each day, expanding the area each time.

Meal planning and nutrition are also important, and you could support your clients by learning about healthy foods and snacks, and how you can replace certain foods with more nutritious options.

If your client loves to get out and enjoy some fresh air, you could research some local bush tracks or outdoor areas where the terrain is suitable for walking and strolling.

Learning new skills

What valuable skills do you have that you could offer to impart to clients? Do you have tech-savvy skills to teach others to build a website, create a YouTube channel or start a blog? Are you a chess player who could instruct others on the finer points of the game? Perhaps you’re a singing teacher, a driving instructor, a woodworker, an artist or a guitarist. These are all wonderful skills that you could teach and share with a client.

Even if you don’t have a background of teaching in your specific skills, you can still give another person good insight into what to do. Being able to teach someone how to cook, decorate a cake or prepare meals for the freezer would be well received. You might be able to teach someone how to groom their pet, take outstanding photographs or sell items on Gumtree or eBay.

Learning is vital for brain health and it doesn’t matter what the lesson is.What’s important is that by sharing your skills, you open up a part of the world for someone else.

Getting out in the community

2020 kept so many people home that it can be overwhelming connecting back to their community. With a little help, encouragement and support from you, a client could feel a whole lot more comfortable. Reach out to clients who might seem like they’re avoiding going out and help ease them out of their rut. There are plenty of places you could take them that will put a smile on their face and make them feel part of the world again.

Community gardens welcome neighbours to help plant seedlings, water garden beds, pick vegetables and collect eggs from hens. Volunteering opportunities include being an information guide at a hospital, preparing meals at a shelter and gift wrapping presents for underprivileged children. You and your client could spend a session discussing their interests and coming up with the ideal option for going back out, meeting new people and engaging with the community.

What about special interest groups? Are you into home brewing? Board games? Medieval re-enactment? There are groups for all kinds of interests and if you have first-hand experience, you’d be the perfect person to introduce a client to like-minded others. Be sure to list your interests in your profile and consider mentioning them to clients when you see them for a support session. They may like to book a session where you both go to a swap meet, a game night or a home brewers’ get-together.

Independent living

Supporting a person to live more independently can make all the difference in the world to their wellbeing and quality of life. Your skill set could include finance, IT, cleaning, cooking, organising or project management. You could offer support sessions around learning how to budget, shopping on a budget, cyber safety, menu planning and maintaining a household.

If you’re a regular user of public transport, you could support your client in learning how to catch the bus, train or a taxi, or how to use ride-share apps.

The support you provide may otherwise involve helping your client to move out of home for the first time. That could involve securing a rental property, packing, moving out, moving in and setting up house and making sure it is comfortable and appropriately accessible. Or perhaps you’re  handy at setting up TV and sound systems, computers and other electronics. Support with tasks such as these could be immensely helpful when someone is settling into a new home.


Passions, interests and skills are the perfect launch points for a microbusiness. Being able to earn money from something you love is something many people aspire to. As a worker you could have the opportunity to connect a client to a paying audience, either virtually or out in the real world, and support them to set up their own business.

Your IT skills would come in very useful in getting a client’s photography, handmade goods or writing into an online marketplace like Gumtree, Etsy, eBay or Fiverr. Alternatively, you could support them in establishing a blog of their own to showcase their work and work towards building their business. 

You could assist a client with a talent for singing or playing a musical instrument and finding a band to perform with. You could support a client to promote their skills by building a website, going to networking meetings, establishing a social media presence or distributing flyers.

Supporting clients to have a bigger, brighter 2021

Aside from their important needs around mobility, personal care, nursing and medication, customers who choose Mable appreciate that they can access support to achieve a rainbow of other goals, subsidised either through their Home Care Package or their NDIS funding. Get creative and have a think about ways you can provide support and connect with new clients or expand what you do for existing ones today.

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