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If you’re an independent support worker, here are four reasons why your personal brand matters more than your resume

Teenage boy making fruit compote with his grandmother in the kitchen of her home. He is adding squirty cream to the bowls.

In years gone by, the process of embarking on a job hunt would begin by dusting off and polishing up your resume. But the changing nature of how we find work means that these days, clients are looking for more. A list of skills, job history and education is not enough, with independent workers in particular creating personal ‘brands’ to entice their prospective clients. Nowhere is this more the case than in support work.

As revealed here by FastCompany, working independently has truly gone mainstream, with more people than ever choosing to work for themselves because of the flexibility and quality of life it provides. If you’re an independent support worker offering your services on the Mable platform, you’re part of this new cohort of workers.

In this new world of work, traditional approaches to finding clients are going out the window. Those looking to build their own small businesses are looking to online marketplaces like Mable which connects independent support workers directly with clients looking for aged care or disability support. In this landscape, clients are looking to engage directly with people. Resumes are being replaced by online profiles which paint a whole picture of a potential worker, and help to establish trust and confidence for those looking to hire them.

If you’re an independent support worker on Mable, it’s essential to take the time to craft a profile that not only sells your experience, but you as a person. Here are four reasons why.

The client is engaging you directly

People choose Mable because they want to be in control of who is coming to their home to provide them with support. Clients who have previously received aged care or disability support via more traditional models have told us they were uncomfortable with not knowing who’s turning up to work with them on any given day. Here at Mable, we like to think of ourselves as a platform that simply enables the connection between clients and independent workers. Rather than trusting an agency to send someone suitable, clients are choosing and trusting you. Your profile is the first place you can start to establish that trust.

Experience is important, but it’s not everything

This is true for most, if not all clients who use the Mable platform. While certain skills and qualifications are required for particular jobs, like nursing and personal care, many clients are searching for workers who are like-minded. Mums seeking support for their teenage sons know that the best social support for their child is likely to come from someone young, who can connect through favourite video games, or a shared passion for sport. Making sure you paint a vivid picture of who you are, your likes and dislikes, passions and hobbies, will ensure the right people are finding you through the platform.

Often, it’s not what you know, but who you know

Increasingly, people are looking within their own communities to find the support they need. With individualised funding under the NDIS and Home Care Packages, consumers are looking to formalise their existing informal supports. Consumers are looking for the familiarity, convenience and comfort of building a network from those they know – or looking for people in their neighbourhoods who can offer alternative services that help support them to achieve their goals.

What makes you a good support worker is more than your resume

Whether you work in aged care, disability support or both, certain attributes can help you stand out from others offering support on the platform. The attributes that matter can also differ from client to client. That’s why on Mable, clients can search for support workers based on things like personality. While some clients might like to work with a bubbly extrovert who likes a good gossip, others might prefer someone quieter who prefers to sit back and listen. While these personality traits in themselves don’t define your ability as a support worker, they will help clients know if you are the right support worker for them.

Does your Mable profile need sprucing up? Jump online and bring it to life today. Or, if you’re still considering taking the plunge to become an independent support worker, find out more about the benefits here.

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