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How to start a conversation around COVID-19 vaccination with your support worker

At Mable, we are encouraging all of the independent support workers in our community to get the COVID-19 vaccination to protect both themselves and the clients they support. It is important that they understand that our community of older Australians and people with disability may be subject to greater health risks including being particularly vulnerable to the health impacts of coronavirus, so we have been playing our part to ensure they are informed of the health advice and encourage them to minimise risks around their health and wellbeing as much as possible.

We encourage both Mable customers and the Independent Support Workers who support them, to discuss the COVID 19 vaccination and their expectations. We have received some great advice from our community on how they started the conversation, and have summarised these here, should you wish to use them. Below, we’ll provide a range of conversation starters and email templates that can help you break the ice.

How to raise a conversation around vaccination with your support worker

“I got my COVID jab recently. It would be great to understand your plans here. Have you had yours yet, or are you planning on scheduling yours? ”

“As a person with a disability it’s really important to me that my support team are also doing what they can to protect themselves and me from infection. Can we discuss your plans here?”

“How are you going to schedule your COVID-19 jab? I understand that people working in home care are already on the priority list, is that right?”

“I understand how busy you must be, but I believe vaccination should be a priority for everyone, especially supporting older people / people with disability in their homes”

“I’ve seen in the news that if you’re vaccinated, you’re less likely to infect someone else. That’s especially important to protect people like me who are at increased risk from severe illness from COVID.”

Message templates you can send to others

The following are some suggestions for email templates that you can use to bring up the topic of vaccination with your support worker and others who attend to your care, including family members. Simply copy/paste into an email or text message.

“I’m not in the best of health so it’s really important to me that anyone around me is vaccinated. Could you kindly let me know your vaccination status so I can make appropriate decisions for my own wellbeing?”

“I got my COVID vaccination recently and I feel it’s important that as many people as possible in the community get vaccinated too, for all our benefit. Could you please tell me if you are vaccinated for COVID? Since you are directly involved in my care, it’s important for me to know.”

Helpful links

Find out more from the Australian Government Department of Health website:

Your right to open a conversation

As a consumer of support services, you have a right to enquire as to the vaccination status of those who provide you with those services.

If you would like to build out your support team to ensure you have a backup, please reach out to Mable on 1300 73 65 73 and we can support you in the process of finding and connecting with additional independent support workers.

For more information, you might like to view this page on the Mable website:


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