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How Mable can support you to maintain your rights as you age

Today marks the UN’s Human Rights day, acknowledging the date that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed by the General Assembly. It’s a document that establishes the equal dignity and worth of every person. When it comes to ageing, all too often the rights of our older citizens can get lost amongst the pressure families and government agencies face to care for them.

The recent Royal Commission heard stories about the impact that ageism in Australia can have on the quality of support that’s provided to our older citizens. But innovation in support models for people as they are ageing is shifting the narrative around what it means to age well. Much of this is centred around people maintaining control of their lives – even as they need more day to day support.

Here at Mable, we are passionate about supporting people to maintain control of their lives as they age. Here are the ways that we work to support clients to maintain their rights as they access the support they need to live independently.

The right to choice

Since the introduction of Consumer Directed Care in 2017, Australians have had greater choice about how they spend their government funding to access the support they need. Mable takes this one step further, by providing clients with access to an online community of independent support workers to choose from. Clients can choose the individual who supports them, what services they receive and when. Together with their chosen independent support worker, they agree on an hourly rate. It’s a model that puts consumer choice and control at the centre.

The right to information

For many, aged care in Australia has historically been associated with a lack of transparency – particularly when it comes to how an individual’s funding is spent towards their support. By putting clients in the driver’s seat, Mable has created the most transparent model on the market. For clients using their Home Care Package funding, the freedom to choose their own care and support – and how much they pay for it – allows them to see their funding go much further.

The right to take risks

Dignity of risk is a concept which argues that a duty of care must be balanced with the right of individuals to make decisions about their lives that could expose them to potential harm. As reported in The Guardian, when it comes to aged care, all too often the right of an older person to make choices can be overshadowed by concern for their wellbeing. The result can mean that in the interests of avoiding perceived risks, an individual’s freedom and quality of life is compromised. Mable puts the decision about what’s appropriate for an individual in their own hands. 

The right to feel safe

With over 7 million hours of support provided through Mable, we have safeguards in place to ensure every hour of support comes with the peace of mind you deserve. From comprehensive insurance to background checks and worker ratings and reviews from other clients – there are a number of ways we can help clients feel confident from day one. Our clients tell us that the greatest comfort comes from knowing who is coming into their home to support them each day – as well as the ability to change who supports them if the arrangement is not working for them. 

The right to expect a full, independent life

These days, our notion of what it means to age well has changed dramatically from what it was 20 years ago. People don’t want to be cared for in later years – they want to be supported to live their life. The flexible, person-centred support that can be found engaging independent support workers directly empowers clients to design their support around their life – not the other way around.

Not sure what support via might look like? Take a look at how you can access a little support before you think you need aged care – or, to see who’s offering support in your local area, search the profiles of independent workers today.

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