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Why You Should Update Your Support Worker Profile This Year

In 2020, demand for independent support workers on the Mable platform soared and more profile searches were carried out than ever before.

Your support worker profile is like your shopfront. It needs to reflect who you are as a person, the services you offer, your availability and a whole lot more. To build your business and attract more new clients, upgrading your profile is the best place to start.

What do we mean by upgrade?

We know that when signing up to be an independent support worker on the Mable platform, you are probably eager to get started. For some people, it means filling out their profile with only the barest necessities so that it can go through the approval process.

Once you’re approved, however, it’s vital you upgrade your profile by filling in as much information as you can so that potential clients can make an informed decision about engaging you. Your profile should not just be informative but also interesting. This is a ‘people’ business. When your warmth, character and personality show through, it makes for an enjoyable read and invites people in.

Economy? Or a First-Class upgrade?

You know when you board a plane, how you wish you could turn left because it looks so appealing up there? But then you turn right, and you get that feeling of FOMO? Think how your profile looks to potential clients. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would your profile make someone feel enthusiastic about contacting you?
  • Does it look like it’s up to date?
  • Do you have a friendly, professional looking photo?
  • Have you had someone proofread your profile so it’s easy to read?
  • Have you ‘warmed’ your profile by including information about your personality and interests?

What can you change today?

Right now, you could log in to your profile and make some changes that could make all the difference to how potential clients view you. And that could make all the difference to how many times you are contacted about support sessions.

  • Your photo – Is it clear, well lit and shows your full face? Are you smiling in it? Do you look professional and trustworthy?
  • Your About section – This is where you get to introduce yourself and share a bit about who you are, not just as a support worker but also as a person. Keep it to around 200 words in length. You could even mention what motivated you to get into the type of work you do.
  • Tick all the relevant boxes – When completing your profile, there are lots of boxes to check. By doing this, your profile will come up in all the relevant searches based on your location, the services you offer, your religion and cultural background, your interests, your interests and whether you’ve had a flu shot, are pet-friendly, LGBTI-friendly or a smoker, and more.
  • Your qualifications – Whenever you attain a new qualification, add it to your profile. Remember to check in with our team whether that new qualification means you’re able to provide new and upgraded services through the Mable platform.
  • Availability – Make sure your available days are accurate and up-to-date so you get inquiries that suit you and your availability.

Please note, some profile changes require the Mable Support Team to update these for you. To update your profile, please email your request to

How often should you upgrade your profile?

Any time something changes! If you have more availability, you learn a new skill or you move to a new location, these things need to be updated in your profile. Otherwise, you could be missing out on appearing in filtered search results.

Why keep your support worker profile updated?

  • Client confidence – Clients need to feel comfortable before reaching out to a new independent support worker.
  • If you notice you’re receiving fewer enquiries – Your profile is a major marketing tool for your business. Go in and take a look in case there’s some out-of-date information that needs to be corrected.
  • If clients have made comments – Have you been told by a client that they couldn’t understand something in your profile or that it was confusing?
  • It’s good business practice – As with any business, you need to keep your tools, your vehicle and your clothing in good shape. It’s the same with your profile. Taking pride in all aspects of your business makes you a more successful operator.
  • Attract more targeted clients – If your profile is vague, you might be contacted by people who are not necessarily looking for someone like you. That can waste your time and theirs and lead to disappointment for you both.

Since your profile is the first point of contact for clients on the Mable platform, it’s got to shine. Upgrade yours and it could make 2021 more successful for you!

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