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On the Home Care Package waitlist? Here are your options

Father in wheelchair and young son on a walk. A carer assisting disabled senior man.

The Department of Health has recently announced that over 121,000 Australians are currently on the waitlist for a Home Care Package and are waiting anywhere between nine to 12 months to be allocated a package.

Currently, 85,000 Australians are receiving subsidised care under a home care package, however 70 per cent of those with a package did not receive the level of funding they requested, according to the latest aged care report.

At March 31, there were 108,456 people in the National Prioritisation Queue, meaning that 12,500 more people have been added to the queue in just three months. The Department of Health is seeing a steady influx of new entries for home care packages and continue to face a shortage of available packages for those in need of home care.

To ease the tension and stress felt by thousands of Australians waiting for a package, the Federal Government has announced $100 million for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has stated that this will “allow Australians to age with grace, dignity and choice”. However, it’s unsure whether this extra funding will prove a useful alternative for those waiting for a package.

If you’re currently waiting for a home care package that will enable you to access the right support at home, it’s important to remember that there are always support options available to you while you wait.

Home care and support doesn’t have to be expensive, and if you’re currently waiting for a package, you’ll most likely pay for the support out of your own pocket. You will also want to avoid the high costs that come with many approved home care providers.

As Australia’s first online marketplace of independent support workers, Mable is a fast-growing support community which can offer some of the most flexible and cost-effective home care options in the market.

How Mable can work with you while you wait for a home care package
The Mable platform is where you can find all the tools to discover support based on your choice, preferences and support goals. By directly searching for independent workers near you, posting jobs to attract potential workers and negotiating a payment rate that suits you, your lifestyle and your budget, Mable can help you experience flexible, tailored support while you wait for your Home Care Package funding.

See how Mable stacks up against other care options here.

Once you receive your home care package, the Mable Team can work directly with you and refer you to a number of our Approved Partner Providers to host your package. You can also continue to connect with the same support workers via Mable when you receive your funding.

Want to know more? Take a look at our guide on how to use your home care package with Mable here.

If you’re on the rapidly growing Home Care Package waitlist, consider Mable is a cost-effective way to engage with interim support – you can even continue using the same support team when your package funding becomes available. Start by searching today for independent care and support workers in your area today.

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