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Study reveals that in-home aged support can improve quality of life

Seniors receiving aged care in home-like settings experience fewer hospitalisations and better quality of life, according to a recent study by the Medical Journal of Australia.

Ageing Australians receiving support in familiar settings such as a community centre or an aged care residence that offers a home-like model of care means they can follow a lifestyle of their choosing.

The Medical Journal of Australia released evidence of this through a study just last month. It found that, after assessing a number of people receiving aged care in “standard” residential care and others receiving the same care in home-like settings, that the latter experienced comparatively better long-term wellbeing outcomes.

In his study, Joseph Ibrahim from Monash University states that residential aged care focuses too much on the idea that Australians require support because they can no longer live independently. “We need approaches that are more proactive in satisfying the individual needs of a diverse range of residents, and [we] must be uncompromising in guaranteeing optimal care,” says Ibrahim.

It is this individuality of aged care and support that flexible companies like Mable are offering within the aged care sector. By creating a space for people to contact support workers in their local area, Mable gives ageing Australians the opportunity to start and build their own support and aged care journey, rather than someone else taking that control from them.

Mable answers directly to a cohort of Australians that take pride in receiving and organising support on their own terms. And as baby boomers move towards seniority, their expectations of an independent lifestyle are becoming stronger. Even today, most elderly people strive for independence and this desire will only grow over the next 30 years.

Ibrahim states that offering “home-like care” in smaller aged care units is already a huge step towards accommodating the hopes of 5.5 million Australian baby boomers.

“It conveys a sense that care will be personalised and rejects the model of large institutional housing.”

If this small change in residential aged care modelling can promise such strong wellbeing and lifestyle benefits, those that receive aged care on their own terms, in their own homes would undeniably experience all these benefits and more.

Is your loved one looking for ways to live independently? You can find support that empowers them and gives them the independence they deserve on Mable. Search for independent support workers in their local area today.

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