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Getting your support organised for the holiday season

With the holiday season being such a busy time, it’s important to make arrangements around the support you receive to minimise any interruptions to your usual schedule.

We have some tips to offer to help make your holiday season stress-free.

In this article:

Why is it important to plan in advance?

Being in control of your support needs means it’s important to be proactive around scheduling to ensure you’re always covered. Your support workers will generally advise you if they will be having any planned time off over the holidays but it’s worth asking the question if you haven’t been notified yet.

Talk with your support workers and make a note of any upcoming changes in availability on your calendar. You may need to arrange alternative support for those dates and times by either calling on your backup support workers if you have one already or searching for someone new on Mable.

Expect the unexpected

Sometimes, unexpected things happen too, such as your support worker being unwell or having to meet family commitments that suddenly crop up. Having backup support workers on your team is the best way to manage these eventualities.

You may have two support workers who provide you with support on a regular basis for various needs. It’s a good idea to connect with one or two more who can step in when one of your regulars is unavailable. By building a relationship with additional ones and booking a session for once every couple of weeks, for example, your backup workers will be familiar with your needs, and you’ll be more comfortable with them than you may be the first time you meet someone. We recommend you set the expectations with your backup support workers beforehand, around the nature and frequency of support sessions.

Plan for more diverse activities over the holidays

The holidays are a great time to explore other ways you could use your support sessions. Getting some organising done to clear clutter can make your home more accessible. Or, perhaps your usual family and friend supports are going away and you’d like someone to take you shopping or to church.

Connecting with new independent support workers can be enriching. You might reach out to support workers who can teach you something new like a craft you’ve always been curious about, basic yoga asanas or how to use the internet to research a passion project. Or you might simply want someone who has a pet dog who can bring it over so you can take it for a walk and enjoy some furry cuddles.

Think about what you’d like to do, in addition to the services you need and already have covered.

In summary, remember to have those conversations with your existing support workers about their availability. And when you have a moment today, check your calendar and determine if there are any gaps in your weeks that could be well served with support sessions that bring more joy to your day these holidays.

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