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Five ways an independent worker could help you create the perfect Mother’s Day surprise

Adult granddaughter showing something on mobile phone to her senior grandmother at home.

Mother’s Day is less than a week away. Most people with an ageing parent can relate to the challenge of finding something meaningful for mum. Tired of flowers and chocolates? Here are some ideas for how a little help from Mable’s community of independent support workers could help you to get creative and surprise mum with something different this Sunday.When you consider what you’d like to do for mum this Mother’s Day, Mable’s online community of independent workers is not something that would normally spring to mind. But clients using Mable to find and directly engage independent support are increasingly thinking out of the box when it comes to what that support looks like, and what it enables them or their loved ones to do. You only have to look at our recent favourite requests of the week to see how.

Need some inspiration? Here are five ways that the right support can help you celebrate mum in ways you might not have considered.

1. They can be there for mum when you can’t

If you ask most mothers what they’d like for Mother’s Day, they will say it’s to spend time with their family. But for some, distance and circumstance means it’s just not possible. That doesn’t mean you can’t treat mum to a special experience. Love to be able to take her to see the winning entries at the Archibalds? Or surprise her with tickets to the opera, or a facial at the local spa? With an independent support worker to accompany her you still can, even if getting out independently is a challenge. Plus, you can search the profiles of independent workers in your area to ensure you find someone you think mum will get on with.

2. Give mum a little free time

Often, people don’t think about aged care until a crisis occurs. But as we revealed in our recent blog on preventative care, getting some help before you think you need it can have huge benefits. Engaging the services of someone to help around the house once a week is not something that mum might associate with ‘traditional aged care.’ But a little bit of help can go a long way to ensuring mum gets the rest time she deserves.

3. Hire a little help to do something with mum

That might otherwise seem out of reach If you’re a child of a parent with health challenges, taking mum out for that special meal or a family picnic can become increasingly challenging. It can also be difficult for parents to admit to their kids that they need help. But you don’t have to do it alone. Engaging an independent worker to be on hand to help out with mobility, personal care or transport can help make a special Mother’s Day outing stress-free for you both.

4. Help mum do something she loves – It can be difficult as we age to maintain certain hobbies.

But ensuring we can continue to do the things we love is so important to our quality of life as we get older. Does mum have a love of ocean swimming? Or a green thumb? If she’s finding it harder to do these things on her own, find an independent worker who can take her to dip in the sea pool or help her maintain her precious veggie plot. Independent support workers on Mable will often list their favourite pastimes, likes and dislikes on their profiles – so you can find someone who shares in your mum’s passion.

5. Support mum to try something new

Support workers offering their services on Mable are not only independent aged care workers offering traditional services. They’ve helped clients to learn computer skills, find the best local fishing spots, get into shape or practice a new language. It’s never too late to learn something new. And by hiring an independent support worker, mum can pick up a new skill in the comfort of her own home.

Want to get creative this Mother’s Day? Jump online and see who’s providing support in your mum’s area.

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