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Five signs you’re ready to work for yourself

– Post updated 28 January 2020 – 

You might be a student looking around for some relevant part-time work, a semi-retiree wondering how to give back to your community, or you might be in the workforce but craving some flexibility. Whatever your current situation is, if you’re seeking a change, why not work for yourself?

You want to experience a change

No matter what stage of life a person is in, they might feel the need for a change – and that’s totally normal. In fact, change is a healthy concept that can help us grow our skills, give us more experience and help us feel motivated. Often, the change we crave is circumstantial, meaning a change in lifestyle, career or study.

If you think you need a change, it might help to brainstorm and write down some aspects of your life that you’d like to improve or adapt.

You really don’t want a boss

Either you’ve already got a boss, or you don’t feel ready to experience the wrath of a superior. The good news is, there is an alternative. Not all jobs require you to have a boss, and working for yourself means you are the boss! Support workers on online platforms like Mable are independent, meaning they get to choose who they work with and when they work.

You’re reliable, independent and passionate

If you’re thinking of working for yourself, you probably know you’ve got the right skills to be self-sufficient and be your own leader. Working for yourself means you’ll need to be proactive when searching for work, reliable when working with clients, caring when it comes to working with potentially vulnerable people and passionate when promoting yourself and your skills. If you think that sounds like you, you could begin working via Mable to start shaping a career out of helping others.

The 9 to 5 doesn’t feel right for you

Although working 9 to 5 is the norm for many people, it can help to take a break once in a while. If you’re starting to crave variety, it might be time to start seeking ways you can begin working for yourself. To start that process, take a look around at your local area – see what positions are open, take note of where help is needed and remember to keep in mind your skills, experience and passion.

You’re keen to upskill

It’s in our nature to keep learning, chase new experiences and expand our skill set. Just by starting a journey in self-employment, you’ll likely discover new skills and experiences. Each independent support worker on the Mable platform needs an ABN and will need to complete various checks to help them begin their career in aged care or disability support. Because support workers on Mable are independent, they have the option to work when it suits them, and reserve some time to study and obtain qualifications to expand their skills.

And, you’re ready to get started!

Because you’re reading this, you’re probably more than ready to start working for yourself – so why not make the switch today?

Feeling ready to start a career in helping others? With Mable, you’re able to connect with people seeking aged care and disability support in your local community and build an independent, flexible career that suits you.

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