Seven ways to write an effective job post

– Post updated 25 January 2020 – 

With Mable, you’ve always got options – even when you’re deciding how to search for the right worker. Posting a job is one of the quickest and most effective ways to choose a worker, so we’re providing you some useful tips on how to make your job post stand out.

1. Be clear about where you’d like to receive support
Because Mable is a nationwide support community, not every worker can get to you. That’s why we ask you to enter the suburb name or postcode of where you’d like to receive support – this doesn’t always have to be the suburb you live in. If you receive support outside your home, make sure you enter the correct suburb – not the suburb of your home address. It’s important to remember that if a worker can’t see a job, they can’t provide you support!

2. Decide whether you’d like once-off or ongoing support
Accessing the right support is all about having options. That’s why you can add to your job post whether you’d like once-off support or short term support or ongoing support from a worker. If you’re not sure what to pick, think about your current supports and whether you want to increase the support you’re receiving.

3. Be specific about how many hours of support you need
Independent support workers on Mable have the ability to work flexibly to meet their client’s needs. That’s why we ask you to provide information on your job post about how many hours of support you need. You can choose either less than 5, 5 to 10, 10 to 20 or more than 20 hours of support when you post a job. This way, support workers can quickly see approximately how much support you’re looking for and decide whether they can provide you with support.

4. Add your flexibility so support workers can work with you
Because you’re seeking support via Mable, your preferences and support requirements come first. Posting a job means support workers can see every detail of your support so you can work together to organise quality, flexible support for you. On your job post, you can add whether you’re happy with flexible support or need support on particular days and times. If you require support at particular times, you choose days of the week and times that you prefer support. You can select as many times as you like!

5. Create a clear, succinct job title
Your job title will help you stand out from the crowd. A good job description should include what kind of support you’re looking for and how often you’d like it. For example, “personal carer for two days per week” or “ongoing daily social support” are good ways of summarising the services you require. If you’re posting a job on behalf of a client who is elderly, has a specific disability or is a child, you might want to include these facts in the job description.

6. Let potential workers know exactly what you’re looking for
The key to getting replies from suitable support workers is writing a succinct description of the support you’re searching for. Descriptions help support workers see if their support experience is applicable to you and it also helps them decide whether it’s worth contacting you.  There are a few things you might want to include in your job post description:

  • All the details you’ve selected in the previous steps of your job post (including days and times, hours of support needed and where the support is needed),
  • A little information about yourself such as hobbies, daily activities, and interests (if you’re posting a job on behalf of someone, it might be a good idea to describe that person and    what their specific needs are,
  • And any worker preferences you might have – this will help narrow down your search.

7. Be clear about your preferences
Remember, this is all about you! Mable enables you to choose who enters your life and supports you. When posting a job, you can choose whether you prefer a male or female worker and tick exactly which services you require. If you have further preferences, you can always mention these in your job description.

Does flexible and affordable support sound good to you? Start searching for workers today. Or, if you’re ready to start posting jobs in your area, sign up to Mable.