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Meet Frossini: Delivering care to Melbourne’s Greek community

It’s Cultural Diversity Week, so we’re celebrating diverse workers and how they help clients stay connected in the community. Frossini has worked in aged care, community support and dental care. What she loves to do is spend time with clients in the Greek community, supporting them and their families. This is her story.

I was looking for a way out from my current job so I did a search and Mable came up.

I’ve been focusing on aged care until now. I like to do personal care and support workers in their homes. Importantly, they’re looking for that cultural connection. One client lost his wife six months ago and he specifically wanted a mature Greek-speaking female to have tea with him. So, every Sunday at 6pm, we have tea and biscuits together. He feels less isolated.

Mable is a beautiful umbrella over all these one-on-one relationships. Most clients have found me through their family members. As a sole trader, they can access me by email, phone and text message. They feel comfortable and safe. They know I’m there for them. What I hear from clients is that with other providers, there’s no stability and it’s never the same person who turns up.

When a person who is ageing needs support, it affects the whole family. Parents have to work, kids need to go to school, sometimes there are grandchildren, too. People need to budget for all this. If a family hires me through Mable, I can take a client to medical appointments and support the family who just don’t have time to do that.

I’ve had two clients pass away in the last two weeks and I’m privileged because I was there at the end of their lives to support them. One client was in an aged care facility with nurses too busy to ensure he didn’t fall out of bed. The family asked for a Greek-speaking lady to make sure his medications were up to date and that he was fed. I was able to provide one on one personal care, social support and a translation service with the medical staff. This is what I provide by working for myself through Mable. It’s one of the most outstanding platforms I’ve worked for because it makes that personal interaction possible.

I’m also supporting a lady of 84 who was widowed 22 years ago and lives in a big house. I clean and vacuum for her while she does the laundry, and she wants to be involved in every chore. She made me a coffee last time but it wasn’t just coffee. She brought out the Tim Tams, the Greek biscuits, even fresh figs from her garden! It’s very intimate, spending time like this with someone from a similar background, sitting down to get their whole story.

I also enjoy recreational work. Recently, I supported a client to go out for his birthday with his friends at Melbourne’s Crown Casino. It was fantastic! I want to take him to basketball, swimming, maybe dance. I have another client aged 27 who is into holistic therapies. Sometimes it’s the movies. It’s all about what the client needs and what their personal interests are.

I like being independent and I want that for my clients, too. I like to promote independence for them at home, give them access to the community and help them feel like a part of it. Whether clients have a disability or are in their last days, they know who they want for a support worker and who’s going to be there for them.

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