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What are the different levels of Home Care Packages?

If you’re looking to remain in your own home while accessing aged care, a home care package might be your best option. Take a look to see which level is best suited to you.

What is a home care package?
A Home Care Package is a government-subsidised package of care services that currently helps over 90,646 Australians receive aged care and support in their own homes. There are four levels of home care packages that Australians can access and each level includes different amounts of individual funding.

A home care package allows you to choose what services you need to enable you to live at home. You can use your home care package with Mable to hire independent support workers of your choice, from your local area and potentially double the hours of care and support you receive.

What can home care package funds be used for?

You can purchase many different support services with your home care package, including:

    • Personal services: this includes assistance with personal activities such as hygiene maintenance, mobility and communication
    • Continence management: this includes assistance using continence aids or disposable pads
    • Transport: this includes assistance shopping, attending personal appointments and transport to social activities
    • Mobility: this includes costs for crutches and mobility aids such as walking frames, walking sticks and mechanical devices
  • Nursing, allied health and therapy services: this might include occupational therapy, psychology support, podiatry or physiotherapy

What are the four levels of home care packages?
Currently, there are the four levels of home care packages:

  • Level 1 – basic care needs
    This is the “entry level” for many Australians seeking in-home aged care and support. Many people who are receiving a Level 1 home care package would have previously relied on short-term support services through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme. A Level 1 package provides an annual subsidy of $8,250.
  • Level 2 – low-level care needs
    This is the most commonly allocated home care package. A Level 2 package provides an annual subsidy of $15,045.
  • Level 3 – intermediate care needs
    A Level 3 package provides an annual subsidy of $33,076
  • Level 4 – high-level care needs
    A Level 4 package is allocated to individuals with high-level care needs. This package provides an annual subsidy of $50,286.

How can Mable work with your Home Care Package?
ere at Mable, we’re here to help you connect with the right support. Once you receive your home care package funding, we can help you connect with an Approved Provider that suits you best. Take a look at how we compare to other support services:

Once you’ve selected an Approved Provider to administer your funds and develop your care plan, you can start using your home care package funding to pay for independent support workers via Mable.

What does it cost to have a Home Care Package?
Having a home care package means the government will subsidise the costs of your support services. This means your payments will be minimal. However, depending on your personal circumstances, you may be asked to contribute financially in the form of two different fees: a basic daily fee and an income-tested care fee.

How do I get a home care package?
If you haven’t already applied or begun receiving a Home Care Package, you can do so by accessing the My Aged Care site. From the My Aged Care site, you can organise to be assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) who will determine which level home care package you may need.

What am I entitled to once I get my home care package?
Having a home care package means you have greater control over how you live and what support you access. With a package, you’re entitled to have the freedom to choose a provider that can help you achieve your support goals. You’re also able to actively manage your package, receive monthly statements from the government about your subsidies, receive formal reassessments by ACAT and work directly with your support provider to create support plans tailored to you.

This information was provided by My Aged Care’s Your Guide to Home Care Package Services.

Ready to gain control of your support? With Mable, you can connect with support workers in your local area and use your home care package to directly pay your workers.

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