Design your work around your life with Mable

Traditional ways of working in home care can give care and support workers limited flexibility. However, due to the evolution of the internet, online platforms like Mable are giving community care professionals new opportunities to build a business working for themselves under a nationally recognised brand.

By providing a platform where care and support workers can connect directly with their clients, Mable allows you to work flexibly and build your career around your lifestyle.

Here are just a few of the reasons why many care workers on Mable choose to work for themselves:

Be your own boss

Working as a care worker on Mable allows you to manage your own business. You can enjoy the flexibility, freedom and rewards that come with working for yourself. You can set your own rates and hours and choose clients you want to work with.


Mable allows you to build your career around your life. By managing your own business, you can work as little or as much as you desire. You can choose your own hours to work around your life commitments.

Choose your speciality 

Working as a care worker on Mable enables you to focus on providing the services of your choice and services that you’re most adept at. You can create a personal profile that highlights those skills, experience and personality traits that make you ideally suited to that type of work.

Make a difference in someone’s life 

Being a worker on the Mable platform is rewarding. People living with a disability or people who are ageing often need support to live life their way. The Mable model encourages you to build an ongoing, direct relationship with your clients, helping you to focus on long term goals, rather than just an immediate need. In addition to this, clients who book you through Mable are paying low overheads and administration fees, meaning they can often get more hours of care and support out of the funds they have available. 

Find clients you have a connection with 

Relationships matter to both you and your clients. That’s why clients can search for care workers on Mable based not only on relevant skills and experience, but on their interests, personality and language and more. Feel valued working with clients you’ve chosen, and who have also chosen you personally.  

Build your personal brand

After you have exceeded your clients’ expectations, you can ask them to give you a review on your Mable profile (clients sometimes do this without you having to ask!) Prospective clients can view your reviews and feedback to find out a little more about you and  the great care you provide.

Watch our video on becoming a care or support worker on Mable – or click here for more information on how to register!

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