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Deliver better support in 2019 with these tips from the Mable Team!

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New year, even better you! As an independent support worker on the Mable platform, your career prospects are in your control. But, with the new year upon us, the Mable Team wanted to give you a headstart in your professional career and offer you some top tips on being a great independent support worker on Mable.

Be accountable

A key part of increasing your professionalism is being accountable for yourself and your clients. Being accountable means you can complete your work, exert responsibility over your actions and be available for clients who may need your support.

As an independent support worker on Mable, it is your responsibility to support clients who you have made agreements with, communicate with them in an appropriate manner via the platform and be present and punctual during support sessions.

If you’re unable to meet up with a client or provide them support, you should provide them at least 24 hours notice so the client can make alternate plans.

Top Tip: Most clients on Mable request an interview or a “meet and greet” with potential support workers before they request an agreement from a worker. If a client has suggested a meet and greet, you should prioritise this meeting and be sure to attend: it may lead you to more work opportunities and could spark a long-lasting support relationship. If circumstances do change and you’re unavailable for a scheduled meet and greet, we encourage you to let the potential client know as soon as possible.

Know your availability

A huge benefit of being an independent support worker is being able to choose when, where and how you work. Because Mable allows this flexibility, you can use your spare time to upskill, relax or even work another job. If you do have other commitments while being available as an independent support worker on Mable, you may find that your weekly availability can change.

Luckily, the Mable platform can help you publicly display your availability to potential clients. On your profile, you can select which days of the week you are available. If this changes, you can simply login and edit your profile to update your availability.

If a client contacts you via the Mable platform but you’re unable to support them because of other commitments, you should always respond to let them know your availability.

Display respect and dignity towards your client

People who are looking for support on Mable may be vulnerable and as an independent support worker, your role is to help them to live independently. We get that things happen, so if your circumstances change and you’re unable to complete a support session with your client, you should let the client know via the Mable platform as soon as possible, ideally with at least 24 hours notice. You may even like to speak with your client about helping them create a team of workers so they have a multiple support options.

Once you become approved on the Mable platform, you can be discovered by potential clients, so it’s important to act professionally and respect their individual needs. You could do so by:

  • taking time to discuss their needs at least once a week,
  • going that extra step for clients such as cooking them their favourite meal or suggesting a day trip,
  • working with them to create a team of supports on the Mable platform,
  • or asking your client what activities they would prefer to do during a support session.

Increase your reply rate

Did you know that clients can see roughly how long it takes for you to respond to messages on the Mable platform?

When a client visits your profile on Mable, they can see two aspects of your communication habits:

  • a percentage of how many messages you reply to,
  • and the average amount of hours or days it takes for you to reply.

When a potential client visits your profile, they’re searching for a compatible personality, the right qualifications, professionalism and accountability. To ensure your profile helps you to make a positive first impression, you can increase your reply rate on Mable by logging into your profile and replying to new messages from clients.

Show your true self

Mable recognises that everyone has different needs, preferences, backgrounds and expectations when it comes to seeking or giving support. Our platform gives independent support workers the unique opportunity to display their qualifications, skills, personality and interests to potential clients.

If you’re just starting out as a support worker on Mable or thinking about signing up, take some time to build up your profile. This is your first impression to potential clients, and an important part of the process of finding work via Mable.

If you’re an approved independent support worker on Mable, you can edit your profile at any time by getting in touch with the Mable Team to notify them of your changes.

Communication is key

When it comes to providing support, communication is key. Mable’s online platform enables direct communication with clients so you can work together to organise the right support.

If at any point you feel unsure about how to resolve an issue or want advice on how to use the Mable platform, you can get in touch with the Mable Team or even post a question or start a conversation in Mable’s online Community of Support Workers.

Read Mable’s Code of Conduct

Great support workers should always conduct themselves in a professional manner. Even though each support worker on Mable is independent, our team is committed to ensuring each support worker is driven to help clients live independently.

Mable’s Code of Conduct outlines key aspects that support workers should adhere to when providing support and using the Mable platform, including respect, professionalism, privacy, health and safety and professional boundaries. To get a better idea of how you can be a better worker on Mable, read our Code of Conduct.

Want to make 2019 your year for change? Head to Mable to kickstart an independent career in supporting others.

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