Community care is a rewarding career choice

Community care workers are extraordinary people who have made a rewarding career choice. They have opportunity to help people continue to live happily, independently and with dignity in their own home and community. They make an extraordinary difference to lives every day.

Mable has been established to help care workers:

  • enjoy more choice and more control
  • to feel more valued
  • earn more

You can work for yourself for as many hours as you want, caring for and being a companion to people in your local community who need aged care or disability assistance.

Many of our care customers often have simple but important needs which can include meal preparation, light housework, transport for social outings and shopping.

You don’t need specific experience, but being a good communicator and having initiative and empathy for others is vital. You will need a police check and to provide personal references.

It’s easy (and free) to get started. Build a rich profile on Mable and you are on your way to building your business and a more rewarding career.