Changes to Terms of Use

We have made some changes to our Terms of Use for the Mable Platform. These changes are:

  1. Clause 14.6: we’re changing the minimum rate that independent support workers should charge for active sessions. The minimum hourly rate an independent worker can enter into an agreement with a client is now $23.50, whereas previously it was $20.
  2. Clause 12: individual independent support workers using Mable will now own any reviews about them via the platform, and grant permission for Mable to use the reviews.

Why are you making the change to minimum rates on Mable?
We believe that all independent support workers should be valued for the time and effort they provide to their clients. The change to minimum rates on the platform takes into account current market conditions and is designed to ensure independent support workers are paid at an appropriate level when negotiating and entering into agreements with clients via Mable.

What do I need to do if I currently charge less than $23.50?
If you have existing agreements with clients that are below $23.50 for the delivery of active support (i.e. you are not asleep, or not ‘on call’), you will have until 30 January to update these existing agreements.