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BYO business: 10 reasons to bring clients into the Mable community

Have you heard? There’s already more aged care and disability support work out there than workers to do it. So, now is a great time to be building your business. Is there a friend, neighbour or someone in your community that you’re keen to support? Maybe you have clients you already support but together you’re frustrated by the rules and constraints of an organisation. The good news is that you can invite these clients to join the Mable community.

Bringing your own clients to the platform has a number of benefits:

1. You have a history. You may already have supported this client in the past in achieving some goals, or maybe they really like the way you do things. The relationship is already in place. If this is someone you’ve just met while spreading the word in your community, that’s good news too! You know you like each other enough to want to work together.
2. It saves time for both of you. You’ve met someone you’d like to support. Your client has met you. You’ll both spend less time looking for the perfect match, but of course that option is there when you want back-up.
3. You and your client get access to Australia’s largest online community of support workers. What this means is that when you need time off, together you can find a buddy to cover those shifts.
4. Funding made easy. Clients with a Home Care Package can generally use the platform through their approved provider. They can also self-manage by hosting their funding with one of our approved providers, opting into as much or as little case management support as they like. And for NDIS clients, it’s possible to use Mable whether they’re self-managing, plan managed or agency managed.
5. More hours of support for your clients. Rates and services are negotiable between you and the client. And depending on how they’re using their NDIS or Home Care Package funding, they’ll be able to get more of your time while paying less.
6. Peace of mind for both of you. Mable arranges a top level of insurance cover on behalf of workers for any work delivered and paid for through the platform.
7. Our team is available to support you and your client. We’re keen to see your business grow just as much as you are. Our team in Sydney spends all day every day supporting clients and workers to sign up and find each other.
8. Your client gets the best of both worlds. Your client gets to work with someone they already trust. And if they are looking to pick up a hobby or try something different, together you can find someone on the platform with the same interests.
9. Word of mouth is a beautiful thing. Once your new client has experienced the Mable difference and likes the work you do, you’ll be able to ask for some recommendations.
10. It’ll be even easier next time. Once you’ve recruited one client to the Mable community and seen how well it works, you’ll have more confidence to grow your business like this in the future.

What happens next? Invite your clients to sign up by following this link. Then give us a call on 1300 73 65 73 and let us know who’s joining the Mable community so we can make sure they get a special welcome.

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