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The best apps to keep your brain healthy as you age

Happy senior couple is using smartphone in park.

We’ve found the best applications to keep your brain healthy as you age. Whether it be memory games, or mindful exercises, we have found the best apps to help you exercise your brain. As long as you have access to a smartphone, tablet or computer, you can use these apps from the comfort of your home. Most are free or have a trial period so you can determine the best solution for your needs. Try them yourself, or with the help of a family member or an independent support worker from Mable.

Luminosity – If you do an internet search for the best memory apps, the Luminosity app will appear repeatedly. There are over 25 brain games, played against a timer, that focus on cognitive ability, and memory. Luminosity has featured in over 20 peer reviews publications in academic journals. It has been proved that ‘statistically significant improvements on a subset of working memory arithmetic reasoning, and processing speed.’

Happify – The app comes with a range of quizzes, gratitude journals, and polls, to reframe your narrative into a positive one. It helps control the emotions of stress and negative thoughts, and aims are to build resilience.

Memorado –will help you with your memory to ensure your brain is staying active and coherent. It asks you to set goals and will assess what exercises you need to do work on your memory.

Life can be overwhelming, and it can be difficult to slow down and take time to reconnect to yourself. There are several applications, that can help reduce stress, feelings of anxiousness and depression.

Calm – Winning Apple App of the year for 2017, Calm is an app that helps with meditation and sleep. With over a 100 + guided meditations, it is a perfect application that can be used for beginners who would like to get into mediation. It also has intermediate and advanced meditation options as well as sleep stories that will guide you to restful sleep, narrated by famous figures like Stephen Fry. Calm also has videos on stretching, and a library of calming music, ranging from nature sounds to white noise.

Headspace – Headspace will teach you the basics of mediation, and help you feel in control of racings thoughts. As well as this headspace has 16 published studies in the leading mindfulness peer-reviewed journals showing the impact on health outcomes such as stress, focus, and compassion.

Smiling Mind– Is an Australian non for profit that wants to make healthy thinking a national priority. Unlike the other applications, the full version is free and gives you tools to learn about to meditate.

In these modern times, we can access tools to make ourselves and others to feel better and be better. You can access these applications on the Apple app store, or anywhere else you download apps.

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