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Six benefits of working for yourself

Working for yourself is becoming increasingly popular among workers of all ages – and for a good reason. Find out how working for yourself in the aged care and disability support industries could open up a new way of living and working for you.

Working for yourself comes with plenty of long-term financial and social benefits, not to mention the ability to work in a way that suits you and your lifestyle.

You can own, run and grow your own business

When you work for yourself, you’re in control! Being in charge of your own independent business also means you get to decide which hours you’ll work, and where – and you don’t need to wait for a raise or promotion to earn more and expand your abilities.

Leanne Day, an independent support worker on Mable is proud of being in control of her own business: “We’re not told what to do. You don’t have to do jobs you don’t want to do. We’re treated with so much respect by the Mable team. All the clients seem to be so easygoing and I do my best to get along with them.”

Currently, over 2 million Australians choose to work as independent contractors and this number is expected to rise as older generations move away from traditional, hierarchical work arrangements and make the switch to live and work independently. Thousands of Australians are increasingly finding it easy to turn to work for themselves and build a unique career through digital technology platforms like Mable.

You can choose your workplace, clients and hours

Working for yourself is all about building a career that suits your lifestyle rather than adapting to a lifestyle that is centered around your job. When working for yourself via a platform like Mable, you can choose where and when you provide support to people seeking aged care or disability support – you and your client can even work together to decide which support arrangement suits you both.

Thao, an independent worker on Mable says “it is very good for part-time work. I like the flexibility. You can choose your own clients. You can choose your own hours and negotiate certain times with your clients”.

You’ve got time to upskill

If you’re feeling ready to work for yourself, you’re probably keen to expand your skills, capabilities and experience. When working via a platform like Mable, you can organise spare time to complete courses or attend workshops that are relevant to your career.

Debra, an independent support worker on Mable used the opportunity to gain new training and exposure: “Signing up was very streamlined, very simple. Once I’d started I updated my clinical skills with a Cert IV in Aged Support, mainly to understand all the bureaucracy.”

Working for yourself is a surefire way to accelerate your qualifications and abilities – without a boss or set working hours, you can make the most of each day and grow as a self-motivated, autonomous worker in a career of your choice and learn about your industry in your own time.

Your work is your passion

For many, this is the main reason to work for yourself. Choosing a role that you’re passionate about is key if you’re looking to excel in an industry.

Independent workers like those who are providing support on Mable aren’t just following a flexible career – they’re working in a role that they’re passionate about and in doing so, are giving back to their community and the people within it.

Fiona, an independent support worker on Mable shares the story of one of her first clients on the platform: “One of my first Mable clients was a lady with a week to live. I couldn’t speak Greek and she couldn’t speak much English so we did a sort of charades. Her son said it was the first time she’d laughed in eight months. I was with her for seven days and had the best time. That’s my goal every day, to make someone laugh. It’s worth a thousand words, a thousand anythings. You’ve got to make the best of the last of their times.”

Every day is different

Working for yourself means skipping the repetitive office job that you held onto for too long. Like any other independent contractor role, becoming a support worker on Mable can mean each day is unique, exciting and invigorating.

Being an independent support worker via Mable means you can provide support to multiple clients in one day, at hours that suit you both. For example, you might provide social support and domestic assistance to a client in the morning before travelling to another client to provide personal care. As well as being able to provide support to multiple clients on one working day via Mable, you can also organise upcoming shifts and track payments while travelling to clients using the mobile app for iOS and Android.

Sam, an independent support worker on Mable says “I’d rather dedicate myself to something than spread myself thin. I try to work with clients who have a pool of carers as I can’t commit to a specific day every week. I support my clients with personal care and take them on social outings, sometimes providing a transport service. When I have kids, we go out for hours, to watch movies or to the park. They have a lot of energy! I also offer respite services for a few aged care clients”.

Your self esteem can grow

Working within your community is a great way to meet new people, expand your work opportunities, uplift your reputation as a care and support worker and build your self esteem. As your independent business grows and your career expands, your own capabilities and belief in yourself will grow.

By creating a career out of helping others you can also increase your ability to quickly build long-lasting relationships with those you support.

Ready to make the switch and become your own boss? Mable is an online platform that can help you craft a career in supporting others. Start connecting to people in your local community who are seeking aged care or disability support on Mable today.

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