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Four steps to help you become an independent support worker

Providing care and support for elderly

No matter your age, skills, background or lifestyle, there’s never a bad time to reassess, revise and rethink your career path. If you’re interested in providing independent care and support, Mable could be an option for you.

Each year, reports show that Australia’s population is ageing swiftly. To keep up with our 65 and over population, which is expected to rise dramatically in the next five years, thousands more Australians will need to pick up jobs that require “human skills.”

“Australia will need an army of new nurses, health and aged-care workers – as well as thousands of waiters and massage therapists,” says social researcher Mark McCrindle.

“When you get population growth and factors such as an ageing population and policies such as the National Disability Insurance Scheme, you get a real boost to related occupations.”

In fact, by 2023, the number of aged care and disability support carers will need to rise by almost 40% to properly cater for the growing population of ageing Australians.

So, if you’d like to try something new – something that can help you grow, learn, practice passion and become more confident, becoming an independent support worker on Mable might just be the perfect career choice for you. Here are four steps you can take towards becoming an Independent Support Worker on Mable:

Step 1: Research your options

Before you make any kind of change in your career, you might want to do some research into which options are available to you. This might include:

    • considering your finances and your ideal income,
    • brainstorming the “pros” and “cons” of your current career or role,
    • writing down your career goals and describing what your ideal career might look like,
    • deciding what aspects of your financial situation or skills you’d like to improve in 2020.

Lastly, you’ll need to research what types of careers are open to you. Often, there are many jobs that can be found within your local community and platforms like Mable can help you to connect to these opportunities.

About Mable
Mable is an online platform that helps to connect people who are seeking aged care and disability support to a community of Independent Support Workers. Over 5,600 Australians have built their own business as Independent Support Workers within the aged care and disability support sectors using the Mable platform. To learn a little more about the Mable community, click here.

Step 2: Join the community

Mable is an online community which welcomes new people every day. If you’re excited to see what kind of disability support and aged care opportunities might be in your local community, you can begin creating an account on Mable today.

Mable welcomes Independent Support Workers of all walks of life, with all types of skills and qualifications. The Mable platform provides hundreds of support workers who are new to the aged care and disability support sectors with opportunities to help others. If you’re passionate about helping others in your community, you can create a profile on Mable and begin providing social support and domestic assistance to those near you. Under this type of support, you can provide clients with companionship, support them around the house and garden and help them get connected with their community.

To become an Independent Support Worker, you will need to complete a number of necessary checks so our team can validate your identity and ensure your’s and your clients’ safety. Before you can become approved by the Mable Team, you will need an Australian Business Number (ABN), a valid Police Check and a Working with Children Check if you intend to provide support to clients under 18 years.

Even if you haven’t provided social support and domestic assistance in a previous role, the Mable Team requires you to provide a minimum of two personal or professional references, which we contact.

Step 3: Start up-skilling

When providing social support and domestic assistance, often the most important aspect is being able to understand your client’s unique needs, preferences and personality.

However, with Mable, you can always make time to up skill and receive important qualifications which can help you provide more types of support such as manual handling, assistance with medication and personal hygiene assistance.

Wondering when you should work on your skills and qualifications? Once you’ve completed your account and profile on Mable, you’ll need to have it approved by the Mable Team before you can begin connecting to potential clients. This means you can spend some time researching courses, workshops and classes on aged care, disability support, NDIS or home care packages in your local area.

To get started now on broadening your skills as a support worker, click here.

Step 4: Be your own boss

Once you’ve been approved by the Mable Team, you can officially become your own boss! Being your own boss means you’re in charge of your business, your career, your clients and your work. It means that you have the power to seek out your clients and work opportunities, create relationships with colleagues and people in your community and maintain a schedule that suits your availability and lifestyle. Mable allows you to expand your career and gives you a platform to communicate with clients and provide support to help those in your community live independently and freely.

Ready to experience a career in helping others? With Mable, you can directly connect to people requiring support in your local area. Learn more at Mable.

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