If you’re looking for a fresh start, why not be your own boss?

Be your own boss

According to the Australian Ageing Agenda (AAA), almost a quarter of support workers are planning on exiting the aged care sector in the next five years. If you’re a support worker and want a fresh start, why not work for yourself on Mable?

The Transforming Aged Care report from HESTA has revealed that many aged care workers are leaving their support positions despite Australia’s growing ageing population.

The report reveals that 23 per cent of the 2,000 surveyed workers claimed they intend to leave the sector soon while 17 per cent want to remain in aged care but move into new workplaces.

The exodus of workers from aged care is mostly attributed to support workers wanting to develop new skills and try something different either in health and community services or in the hospital sector.

According to HESTA’s report, the reasons that workers are leaving their positions are because they are:

  • unhappy with their manager (30%),
  • receiving insufficient training (30%),
  • unhappy with their current organisation (29%),
  • or want to develop new skills (25%)

In the context of increasing demand for aged care workers, these figures are startling, and speak to a need for new models and approaches to talent acquisition in the industry.

Is the gig economy creating a fresh start for aged care workers?

HESTA’s report highlights that employees in the aged care sector want to work in a positive environment without the daily strain of poor staff to client ratios.

The gig economy is giving workers more opportunities to work flexibly and independently, learn more and expand in their chosen industry. Uber, Airtasker and Airbnb are just a few of the companies that provide in-demand, affordable services within an increasingly consumer-driven landscape.

Consumer Directed Care is changing the face of aged care in Australia – and platforms like Mable are the tools that are enabling the transformation. By providing an online community where independent workers and clients can connect, Australians who are ageing, and the workers who support them, can design care services to suit them both, selecting the schedules, rates and supports that work for them.

Workers can provide consistent, ongoing support to as few or as may clients as they’d like, and clients can select the worker they would like to come into their home to support them.

Care workers who love their vocation but are frustrated with their work conditions can create meaningful connections with clients and a career that fits around their life. As Mable’s community of over 2,000 verified support workers continues to grow, it’s clear that people working in the industry are catching on.

If you currently work in aged care and are looking for a change of pace or want to expand your skills set, you might want to consider working for yourself on a platform like Mable.

Mable can help you make a fresh start in your aged care career. We connect you with an expanding community of clients and let you set your own payment rates and availability. If you’re ready for a change, head to Mable today.