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Why keeping your availability as an independent support worker up to date is so important

Clients using Mable to find and hire independent support workers directly search for the right workers based on a range of criteria; whether they have the right skills and experience, whether they think they will work well together, or whether they share similar interests or hobbies.

But before any potential client can get down to finding out whether you will bond over a mutual love of sushi and ballroom dancing, they’re most likely going to want to know if you are available to provide services when they need them. Here’s how you can keep your availability up to date.

t might sound simple, right? Keeping your availability up to date on Mable is simple, but in the day to day of busy support work, it can be very easy to let the small things slip. It is a crucial detail which plays a large role in determining whether you are connecting with the right potential workers. Here’s why.

While there are many ways that you can ‘bring your A game’ and succeed as an independent support worker, practically, there are two methods by which you can connect with clients through the Mable platform.

The first is via your profile – a snapshot of you that helps clients to decide whether they’d like to reach out. In order for the right clients to find you, they’ll enter a set of search criteria that will include your current availability. If you don’t have the right details entered, you won’t show up for clients who could be a perfect fit. Or, on the flip side, you might show up for clients who subsequently find that you’re not free on the days you have indicated that you are. The result? Frustration and wasted time for both parties.

The second way to connect with clients is through job postings. Clients will post details about the kind of support they are looking for and when, and we will send it out to workers who are suitable. Then, it’s up to you to decide if you would like to apply for the job. Again, if your availability is not up to date, your mailbox will fill with job postings you don’t want to see, or you won’t be notified of the ones that you do!

Where is my availability indicated?

The first place that your availability is indicated is in the information that appears at the top of your profile. This communicates whether you are currently available at all, or not seeking jobs at the moment. This is only available to view by you. 

Available or unavailable -

Secondly, as prospective clients scroll down, they can find more information about the days that you are available to work through a series of checkboxes.

Available days and times

Lastly, you can provide more detail by indicating your preferred hours of work, and whether or not those are flexible when you introduce yourself via your profile description.

You can edit all of these by clicking on edit which located on the top right in the “Rates & Availability Guide” section. 

Then you will be able to adjust to the locations, hourly rates and availability here. Once you make the changes click “SAVE AND CONTINUE”

A moving feast

We understand that the nature of working independently in our industry can mean that your schedule changes week to week. If this is the case, and you are still seeking additional jobs, we recommend setting yourself reminders on a weekly basis to make sure you can update your availability as it currently stands. You can set an alarm on your phone, put a reminder in your calendar or make the task a part of your regular weekly life admin.

Remember to download the app!

Have you downloaded our Mable mobile app yet? It’s a simple, easy way to keep track of your messages, jobs, timesheets and potential new clients all on the go. While you can’t as yet update your availability via the app (we’re working on it!), there are a range of other functionalities that you can use to save time and make your day to day run smoothly. Learn more about our mobile apps, or click on the links below to download it now.

  • To download on Apple devices, click here.
  • To download on Android devices, click here.

Not sure if your availability is up to date? Make sure it is by logging on here.

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