The Australian: Elderly call shots under Mable service model

Meet 102-year-old Eileen Kramer from Sydney. Eileen maintains her quality of life by pursuing long-held passions through leveraging the suite of support services available on Mable.

“We live in an era where the sector is plagued by scandals and allegations of mismanagement in aged care facilities,” Kitney from The Australian writes. However, Ms Kramer has joined thousands of other Australians who access their support in an innovative and unique way – Mable.

Ms Kramer is an avid user of Mable, a website where she can build her own community of support based upon a foundation of shared interests and passions.

“Our platform is for people who have the desire to take better control of the support they need. You can take more control yourself, or with family, or with advocates around you,” Peter Scutt, Founder of Mable tells The Australian.

Ms Kramer is a life-long dancer, and hires support from Mable to continue pursuing her passion, despite her age. Ms Kramer is also an ambassador for the Arts Health Institute, where she brings artistic endeavours into the health and aged care sectors.

Previously, Ms Kramer had a low-level care package offered through a healthcare provider. After joining Mable, Ms Kramer now enjoys the benefits of a high-care package (or level four package) where she assembles her own team to manage her needs.

Ms Kramer hires multiple workers from the Mable platform: a worker to manage her diary; another worker to organise meals, and to get her to and from appointments; and a physiotherapist to support her in fulfilling her dancing potential. Ms Kramer has recently expanded her vast array of passion projects, by engaging yet another worker through Mable, to assist her to write memoirs!

* Original article appeared in The Australian on 22nd May 2017.

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