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Aussie podcast CripChat encourages conversations around disability

CripChat is a podcast produced and delivered by Australian Disability Limited. It aims to educate, entertain and inform the general community around how they can help create a more accessible and inclusive society for people who live with disability, and their friends and family.

CripChat founder Jonathan Shar, wanted to create a space where people can listen and share on a platform that’s hosted by people with disabilities. Topics range from mental health and lateral ableism to inclusion within the community, and so much more in between.

“We have plenty of life experiences to bring to the table,” Jonathan says. “And we want CripChat to reflect the concept of disability as a strong and vibrant identity, not one of charity and pity. All we want is to help create a society that accepts people with disabilities for who we are!”

Alongside Jonathan are his esteemed co-hosts, David Daoud, Ibby Dee and Timothy Lachlan, who all share the limelight with him and with guests who bring varied points of view and insights to the conversation.

Guests who have featured on CripChat include speaker, adventurer and writer Cecil Williams, singer/songwriter, actor and writer Dean Nash, and Jessica Cox, an aeroplane pioneer pilot, all of whom live with various disabilities.

Topics sometimes have a more serious flavour such as how to overcome disability discrimination and encouraging the community to reach out to authorities on matters concerning disability. Others are lighter, around health and fitness for people with disabilities, and a celebration of International Day of People with Disability.

Having been established in April 2020, right in the throes of a growing pandemic, CripChat has also covered a range of COVID-19-related topics such as ‘keeping sane in isolation’, ‘the way out of lockdown for people with disabilities’ and ‘returning to normal in a post-pandemic world with a disability’.

In keeping with inclusivity, transcripts of the podcasts are posted on the CripChat website (link below) so subscribers can read, instead of listening.

If you yourself live with disability, or you have loved ones and friends who do, you will find CripChat’s content informative and helpful.

CripChat broadcasts every Friday night at 7.30pm AEST. Access and subscribe to CripChat on your preferred podcast platform.

Mable is proud to partner with CripChat.

Check out the podcast here

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