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How the creative arts can benefit young people living with a disability

Getting involved in the creative arts is a great way to foster young people’s confidence and independence. It also comes with some key social, mental and physical benefits:

Encourages creative thinking
The creative arts come in many different forms – singing, acting, dancing, and even musical theatre. Each encourages creativity and teases out the expressive side of each person. Restless Dance Theatre in Adelaide is one of the many theatres across Australia that facilitates artistic and creative thinking through dance and movement. Roz Hervey, Restless Dance Theatre’s Artistic Manager, sees firsthand the benefits of young people participating in art programs. “Our open access workshops are about fun, creative movement experiences for people with and without disabilities. From these workshops, dancers are invited to join our Performance Ensemble. The Ensemble creates real, raw and uninhibited dance theatre works nationally and internationally to diverse audiences.” Visit Restless Dance Theatre’s website for more information about their workshops and performances.

Provides opportunities for new relationships
Many art and drama companies across Australia such as Restless Dance Theatre hold workshops with varying amounts of participants with differing levels of experience. This enables participants to work closely and learn from participants who might have more experience.

Creates a strong sense of community
“Restless provides a space for people with and without disabilities to explore their creativity in a safe environment,” says Roz. At Restless, each workshop is hosted by trained dance and theatre professionals. By enabling a diverse range of people to host these sessions, Restless fosters a strong community spirit that reverberates to each person.

Relieves stress and anxiety
Expressive and experimental art forms such as improvisation, comedy, and acting are the most effective ways to relieve stress and anxiety. Expressing and sharing emotions may be difficult for some people, but by offering a space where creativity is limitless, participants can experience peace of mind that their ideas and thoughts are welcome and celebrated.

An opportunity for achievement and success
Art companies like Restless and Murmuration work brilliantly to share the experiences and talents of people of all abilities. And like any other creative arts company, they hold artistic performances to showcase the hard work of each individual. The opportunities offered by companies like Restless Dance Theatre are fundamental to increasing confidence and creating a feeling of empowerment and independence.

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Image of Chris Dyke, Restless Dance Theatre via Restless Dance Theatre/Shane Reid

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