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Are you receiving Home Care Package funding? Here’s why you should be using Mable

A happy elderly grandmother with an adult granddaughter at home, baking.

The latest Home Care Package quarterly report from the Department of Health has revealed a growth in the number of people on a high level home care package. Over the last quarter, over 17 000 additional people began receiving funding under a Level 3 or 4 package. If you or a family member are one of these, here’s why you should consider using Mable.

An increase in government investment for Level 3 and 4 packages has resulted in a growth of over 12% of people receiving these higher level packages. The funding boost is in response to the growing number of people seeking more hours of support to remain living at home. If you’re accessing support under a Level 3 or 4 Home Care Package, you have the most to gain in ensuring value for money.

What you would receive from a traditional provider Before Consumer Directed Care was introduced in February 2017, a recipient of a Home Care Package would be advised by their allocated provider of the hours of care per week their package entitled them to. These days, you are given a package of money ($33,000 a year for a Level 3 Package and $50,250 a year for Level 4). You are also given a choice about how to spend it. Any provider offering you services must be clear about how your package is being spent, including the hourly cost of services and any additional fees and charges.

A typical aged care provider may charge up to 40% of your funding for administration and case management fees. Then the cost of support could be around $48 an hour. In that illustration, for those receiving a Level 4 package, that equates to roughly 10-12 hours of care a week. How Mable stacks up against traditional providersBy using Mable to search for and directly engage with independent workers, you could get more hours of care from your package. But it’s not just a little bit more. For some of our clients, the difference is life-changing.

Self-managing your home care package means our approved provider partners can offer a low administrative feeFor example, Let’s Get Care, a self-managed Home Care Package provider charges a flat 13% fee. This frees up more funding for you to spend on your services.Engaging independent workers directly via the Mable platform effectively cuts out the middleman, allowing you to pay less and independent workers to earn more. At an indicative rate of approximately $35 an hour, those with a Level 4 package could access up to 20-24 hours of support each week. That’s double what you might receive with a traditional provider.

Are you a visual person? See our comparison in pictures here.
While Consumer Directed Care means that your home care package is yours to spend as you’d like, it still needs to be hosted by a provider, who will manage the funds on your behalf. Our provider partners will host your package, and provide the flexibility you need to find and hire care workers you’ve chosen via the Mable platform. If you’d like to find out more about who we work with – call our friendly team on 1300 73 65 73 who can introduce you to an approved provider partner, depending on your needs.

Waiting for a Level 4 Package? At 31 December 2018, there were 53,770 people who were waiting for a home care package at their approved level, but who already been offered a lower level package. If you’re one of these, you have the option to wait, or start receiving support under a lower level package. If you’re already receiving support via a traditional provider, you can consider using Mable to ‘top up’ your existing support. To find out more about whether you can use Mable with your existing provider, or how to switch to a Mable partner provider, call us on 1300 73 65 73.

Mable users pay less, while independent workers using the platform have the potential to earn more. That’s what happens when you cut out the middleman. Want to find out more about how you can double the hours of care with your home care package? Click through here. Or simple start searching to find out who’s offering support in your area today.  

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