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Why you need an ABN to work with Mable

If you’re a support worker, you’re probably wondering how you can attract more clients through the Mable platform. To create the perfect profile and provide your valuable services, having an ABN is essential.

An Australian Business Number or ABN is a unique identifier that helps Mable and the Australian Business Register establish you as an independent business. We consider every support worker on the Mable platform an independent business who offers personalised and unique support services to clients around Australia.

To give our support workers ultimate independence and enhance their Mable profile, we made ABNs a requirement for everyone operating on the platform.

Because you’re building a business

As an independent worker using the Mable platform, you’re working for yourself. Even if you’re only working a few hours a week, you’re building your own business.  Adding your ABN gives your profile a significant boost as it signals to prospective clients that you are recognised by the Government as a legitimate business.

We want to provide our support workers with as many work opportunities as possible and having an ABN will do just that – ABN-registered workers are the only workers who can provide support to clients receiving aged care and NDIS government funding.

It’s making things simpler

The threshold for when you may be required by law to have an ABN is low, and most independent contractors would need to have one for tax purposes. Knowing when you’ve crossed this threshold can get a little tricky, so to ensure all workers on our platform are operating as they should be, we’re making ABNs a mandatory step in signing up.

We’re safeguarding our community

We want to create an online community that is secure, safe and inclusive. Clients have told us they feel safeguarded when they are receiving support from an ABN-registered worker. Creating peace of mind for current and future clients is an important part of marketing yourself as an independent worker.

It’s free and simple!

If you are a support worker new to the Mable platform, we’ll prompt you to apply for your ABN as you go through the registration process.

We’ll be asking existing Mable workers to supply an ABN in the coming months. If you don’t have one, and would like to apply, you can do it through the government website at this link.

If you already have an ABN, and just need to add it to your account, simply log in, go to edit your account –> step 1 account details –> your ABN.

To complete or update your account, click here. For more information on ABNs, visit our Help Centre.

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