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21 ideas to explore with a support worker for in-home or virtual support sessions

When times are uncertain, it’s reassuring to know that you can still receive support in your own home. You can even receive virtual support via the video chat feature on Mable. We’ve listed 21 enjoyable, fun and interesting activities that you and your support worker can do together in your home.

11 at-home activities you can enjoy 

While getting out and about could be off the cards for a little while, you can still enjoy fun, entertaining and educational activities at home, and get some exercise too. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Meditation – Meditating is a wonderful way to clear the mind and relax your body. A support worker can introduce you to the basics of meditation and guide you through as you practise it.
  2. Practise independent living skills – Increasing your independence often starts at home anyway. A support worker can teach you practical skills such as cleaning, changing the sheets on your bed, preparing lunch, kitchen hygiene, tidying cupboards, doing laundry and writing a grocery list.
  3. Learn financial skills – Learn how to budget your finances, save up for something you want to buy and pay your bills.
  4. Beauty routine – Have an at-home ‘spa day’ complete with manicure, facial and hair session. Your support worker can show you how to apply makeup and how to do a mini facial with products you already have at home.
  5. Exercise in the sunshine – Go out in your front or backyard, put on some tunes and move to the music played on your phone. Your support worker may have some skills around Tai Chi or yoga that they can share with you too.
  6. Treasure hunt bingo – Your support worker can make a list of ten items for you to find in your house or yard. Whenever you find one, it’s marked of the list and when you’ve found all ten, you’ve won Bingo!
  7. Colouring in – With some  colouring books and some pens, pencils or crayons, you can while away an hour or so beautifully.
  8. Tidy a space each session – Every time you have an at-home support session, you could pick a space to tidy and organise. One day it could be your bedroom and cupboards, another day it could be your bathroom or laundry.
  9. Pot some indoor plants – Your support worker can help you make a planter with any kind of pot (an old saucepan, a bucket or even a teacup). They may have cuttings from home or you could bring in cuttings of succulents or herbs from your yard.
  10. Practise smartphone photography at home – A support worker with photography skills can show you how to use your smartphone to take amazing photos of objects, pets, people and even yourself! You could upload them to Instagram or learn how to create categorised digital albums on your computer.
  11. Make a slow-cooked meal for the family – Wouldn’t it be lovely to go through the fridge and pantry, find what you have on hand and turn it all into a delicious slow-cooked meal for the family? You and your support worker can look up recipe ideas online then adapt it to what’s in your kitchen. Slow cooking is very adaptable and forgiving.

10 enjoyable activities you can do via virtual support sessions

An increasing number of clients on the Mable platform are making use of virtual support sessions! It’s easy thanks to the video chat system on the Mable website and app. You and your support worker simply schedule a session and then connect via video chat at the agreed time. Aside from being extremely useful during the pandemic, lots of people are finding that they can connect with a support worker who has desired skills and interests but who doesn’t live in the local area. Here are some suggestions on activities you can do in a virtual support session for various ages and abilities.

  1. Virtual exercise instruction – A support worker with appropriate training can guide you through an appropriate exercise routine such as chair yoga, stretches and basic movement.
  2. Play charades – An oldie but a goodie, charades is a guessing game that involves acting out syllables or words to give hints. Your support worker can explain exactly how to play.
  3. The Alphabet Game – Choose a topic such as animals, foods or country names, and the first person thinks of one starting with the letter A then the second person uses the letter B and then you keep taking turns. An animal theme would go: Aardvark, Baboon, Chimpanzee, Dog, etc.
  4. Category race – Choose a category such as football, baking, pets or fashion. Set a timer for two minutes. You and your support worker write down as many words relating to that category as you can and when the timer ends, you compare your lists. Whenever you have the same word, you each cross it off on your lists. Whoever gets more words not crossed off is the winner.
  5. Origami tutorial – If your support worker knows how to do origami (the Japanese art of paper folding) or can learn how to do it online, they can show you how to create beautiful little origami figures via video chat. Same goes for paper aeroplanes.
  6. Drawing activities – Decide on a topic together and each draw something while chatting and enjoying each other’s company. You could draw zoo animals, muscle cars, your dream home or even work from a photo of your favourite celebrity and draw their portrait.
  7. Learn a new language – Search for a support worker who is fluent in another language and have them teach you the basics via video chat.
  8. Interview your support worker – It’s always interesting learning about other people. You could conduct an interview with your support worker, write down the answers to the questions and write an article to share at your next support session.
  9. Invent something – Is there something that you wish existed? What would you invent if you didn’t have to consider cost, materials or how possible it would be to make it happen? It’s fun to workshop ideas like these with your support worker.
  10. Learn percussion – A support worker who plays drums can teach you rhythm and percussion sets using pots, pans, containers, wooden spoons and other household items.

We hope this article gave you some inspiration to think about your support sessions a bit differently! Log in to your Mable account to try out one of the above ideas with an independent support worker.

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