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11 accessible and disability-friendly holiday activities

Woman at home showing excitement for the Easter holiday

It’s that time of year again. School holidays are coming up soon and there’s talk of chocolate eggs and mischievous bunnies. To help you celebrate, we’ve come up with 11 fun, accessible and inclusive activity ideas for engaging children during the holidays, at home or away.

Family holidays and special observances are times when it is especially important that everyone feels included and knows that they can join in.

Inclusive Easter egg hunt ideas

If your guest has limited mobility, it’s a good idea to hold an Easter egg hunt where they can easily move around as they usually would. A roomy back garden or park with wide cement paths and easy access to the garage would be ideal, but make sure the Easter eggs are at a reachable level, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. 

Keep in mind participants’ physical, sensory or emotional limitations. You may need to keep music soft and low, provide a head start, invite a companion to guide and encourage them or make their ‘finds’ easier to locate.

If you don’t celebrate Easter, why not organise a treasure hunt instead? You can hide little trinkets, small toys, mini packs of colouring pencils or crayons or other objects you know will be enjoyed.

Colouring in competition

For a calmer holiday activity, hold a colouring in competition. Come up with a few themes (Easter, superheroes, zoo animals, etc.). You can easily find themed colouring pages online, print them out and provide a selection of crayons, felt pens, paints or pencils. Each artist can receive chocolate eggs or other goodies for their outstanding works of art.

Cookie decorating

This one can get a bit messy but it’s all in the name of good fun! You could use home baked or store bought plain biscuits (Arnotts Arrowroots are the perfect shape for easter eggs)., Give each person a couple of cookies in a variety of shapes and some yummy decorations like cachous, icing, sprinkles, lollies and coconut, and let them get creative.

Create sensory boxes

Put together some cool sensory boxes that will intrigue and delight participants. Each box should include a different sensory item. If Easter-themed, you can include fuzzy, furry felt in the shape of an Easter bunny, shredded gift-wrapping paper, fresh grass clippings, balls of scrunched aluminium foil, colourful flowers, little yellow chicks, coloured wooden or plastic eggs and squishy water balloons that are not filled to bursting. You could also colour some raw rice with food colouring and invite the participants to scoop it into shaped containers. For other themes, think about Autumn (green or dry leaves, sticks and twigs, corn cobs, etc.) or a beach theme (sand, shells, miniature towels made by cutting face washers, etc.).

Watch an Easter-themed movie

When it’s time to chill out and digest after a big Easter lunch, relaxing in front of an Easter-themed movie is a fun way to do it. Free-to-air networks usually show Easter movies and the streaming services also have a number of selections.

Beauty at home

Get out the nail polishes, the pretty hair accessories and the makeup. It’s time for a little beauty parlour-at-home treatment. Why not mock up a little salon with a foot bath, a fingernail bath and some fluffy towels? This can be a group activity or one-on-one with an independent support worker and it’s all the more enjoyable with some treats on hand to nibble on.

Catch-up with loved ones who are not nearby

It’s the perfect time to have a Zoom/Skype/Whatsapp call to wish friends and family a Happy Easter or simply catch up.

Easter Bunny photos

Many shopping centres offer the opportunity to have a photo taken with the Big Guy himself, the Easter Bunny! Call ahead as there may be a special time slot for children who experience sensory discomfort around crowds and loud music. Here are a few events in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Faith-based activities

For those who observe Easter’s religious significance, a visit to your place of worship can be a meaningful event. Check first that the venue is accessible in the way your loved one requires. At holiday time, there are usually lots of welcoming events that bring people together to share warmth and good tidings. You may also like to call ahead to see if any events are planned that are accommodating of children with sensitivities to noise and crowds.

Chocolate-themed picnic

Autumn in many parts of Australia offers such pleasant weather to be outdoors. It could be the local park or creek, a mountain top, the beach or the Botanic Gardens. Pack a delicious picnic with some indulgent chocolate trips and make wonderful use of the sunshine and fresh air. If the weather misbehaves, simply plan for an indoor picnic which has plenty of novelty value all its own!

Visit an animal farm

Check Google to find an ‘animal farm’, ‘hobby farm’, ‘children’s farm’ or ‘petting zoo’ in your area where you can go and meet friendly, fluffy critters like bunnies, chickens, goats, llamas and sheep. There are also butterfly houses, dairies, wildlife sanctuaries and cat cuddle cafes which all welcome animal-loving guests to meet their residents.

Find support on Mable to enjoy holiday activities

Being included in family holidays and events is an important part of a person’s social and community goals. An independent support worker from the Mable platform can help you plan and organise any of these accessible holiday activities or provide that bit of extra support to make sure everyone has a great time. Simply search the support worker profiles to find someone who has a sense of fun and adventure that appeals to you. 

Alternatively, post a job outlining exactly what you want to do and you may just find the perfect support worker to accompany you on outings or help you plan cool things to do at home.

Find a support worker on Mable or call our team on 1300 73 65 73  today to enjoy the upcoming holiday season.

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