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NDIS Ironing support

Ironing isn’t the most enjoyable task on anyone’s housework agenda but for those living with a disability, it can be particularly challenging. Isn’t it great then to learn that if your disability makes ironing difficult you may be able to have it done for you as part of your NDIS package.

What if I’m particular about how my ironing is done?

When you find an NDIS support worker who offers ironing services, you can let them know exactly how you like your clothes to be ironed. Pleats or no pleats? Spray starch or no spray starch? Hung or folded? There’s such satisfaction to seeing the ironing all done and put away.

Create a client profile on the Mable platform for free and you’ll be able to browse more than 10,000 independent support worker profiles and see who offers ironing. You can also pay privately for these services (and more) if you are not on an NDIS package or are waiting to be approved.

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