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Who hires a disability support worker?


A lot of people don’t realise that they can access in-home disability support. It’s a thriving service that is not just meeting the needs of the community, but empowering people to pursue their ambitions and enjoy their lives more.

Support workers can help with help around the home when your disability makes doing these tasks difficult , they can also support you in getting out in the community and meeting new people or they can even support you to learn new and important skills.

In short, anyone who lives with a disability and needs assistance in their daily life or pursuing their goals can benefit from disability support. That includes children, teenagers and adults who have physical and/or intellectual disabilities.

How it works

As an NDIS participant, you naturally want your funding to go as far as possible. When you sign up for disability support as a Mable customer, you benefit in multiple ways. You get greater value, more choice and better control.

Find a support worker

Find a support worker

Browse the profiles of Independent Support Workers in your area. They’ve all been security checked and verified for your peace of mind. Narrow your search to particular interests, availability, skills and more.

Book a support session

Book a support session

Shortlist your favourites then connect directly via the Mable platform. You and your new support worker/s can mutually agree upon the support services, price, time and location.

Start building your network

Start building your network

Rest assured that you’re covered by the protections and safeguards of the Mable platform, including insurance. Continue building your team by connecting with other support workers.

Is it expensive to hire a disability support worker?

You’ll likely find that the fees are quite reasonable. If you have an NDIS package, then your out-of-pocket expenses will be greatly reduced.

At Mable, we receive a great deal of positive feedback from clients who hire disability support workers through our online platform because we’re all about your choice and satisfaction. You are not just sent someone that’s been selected by a company. You get to choose who provides your support, the kind of support you receive and when you want your sessions.

You get to be in control of your disability support needs

When you search for a disability support worker on the Mable platform, you can read on their profiles what they charge, what assistance they can provide and what kinds of qualifications they have. Most even list their hobbies and interests, and any other languages they speak. They are all independent support workers so they can be motivated to provide the best service and build their business.

With Mable, everything is online – search profiles, make, change or cancel bookings, have a chat with a new support worker before meeting, and more. You or your carer can manage all your needs 24/7, and there’s even an app so you can carry Mable in your pocket or handbag! We also have a friendly team on the phone who will help you on your way.