Group Personal Accident cover

Insurance Cover for Mable affiliated carers.

Zurich’s Group Personal Accident cover is designed to provide benefits to Mable’s affiliated carers (insured persons) for certain accidental injuries whilst engaged in:

  • approved support work arranged and invoiced through the Mable platform;
  • direct and uninterrupted travel between the insured person’s normal place of residence and an approved support workplace;
  • direct and uninterrupted travel between one approved support workplace and another approved support workplace, and
  • activities undertaken during lunchtimes and meal breaks while at an approved support workplace.

The policy can provide:

– accidental death and capital benefits up to:

  • $100,000 for insured persons with dependents.
  • $50,000 for insured persons without dependents.

– weekly injury benefits in the event of temporary total disablement or temporary partial disablement as a result of an injury after an excess period of 7 days of:

  • 85% of earnings up to $1,200 for 156 weeks.

Benefits payable where the insured person suffers injury.

  • and requires a specified surgical procedure;
    • sum Insured $5,000
  • resulting in fractured bone;
    • sum Insured $3,000
  • resulting in loss of teeth or requiring full or partial capping of teeth;
    • sum Insured $1,000

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