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Home Care Ultimate Guide

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The ultimate home care guide for older Australians

Most older Australians would far prefer the idea of living independently in their own home, rather than moving into a residential aged care facility or a nursing home. That’s exactly why the Home Care Package system exists. The government provides individualised funding to individuals to help them remain at home for as long as possible and enjoy the freedom to choose the kind of care and support they receive.

The two models of aged care at home

There are two models of home care for aged persons. The traditional way involves an aged care provider that employs care and support workers and rosters them to the client. The other option, called “self-management” involves a fresh, new way of delivering care. The client is in charge of decision-making around who provides the services, what services are provided, when they are provided and where. For instance, by self managing your Home Care Package and using Mable, you would choose your own support workers, set your own schedule, make your own bookings and decide where you go and how your support can help you get there.

In this article, we’re going to answer some common questions around home care services for older Australians.

Aged care at home isn’t like it used to be

Aged care at home isn’t like it used to be

Aged care at home isn’t like it used to be

Years ago, aged care at home was predominantly around nursing, wound care and medication assistance but today, there are so many more homecare options that can support you to remain living independently as you get older. Of course, there still are home care nursing services and assistance with independent living, showering, grooming and feeding. Those are all very important supports, but independence is also about keeping your emotional state healthy.

Practical, meaningful support at home

Your most pressing needs may be around your physical wellbeing, particularly if you have medical conditions or are not as mobile as you used to be.

Personal care

A personal care assistant helps you with showering, toileting, dressing and eating. They can also assist with changing the sheets on your bed, preparing meals and operating bed hoists.

Home nursing

For more comprehensive care, one-on-one nursing services are available to ensure your medications are managed and your wounds are dressed and cleaned.

Some home nurse carers are experienced in assisting patients with diabetes, dementia, osteoporosis and following strokes, surgeries or falls.

What other home care services are available?

You might be surprised to learn that you can access a wide range of home care services that alleviate some of your challenges and also promote your enjoyment of life. Aside from nursing services and personal care, look at the options available to you:

Domestic assistance

Your support worker can do some light housework, help out with your washing and ironing and even prepare meals for you. They can do light gardening, walk your dog, change lightbulbs, hose the patio and take your rubbish out.

Social support

You can connect with an in home support worker to visit you for a chat and a walk around the garden, or they can take you out for coffee or to the library. They can play games with you, take you to church or to visit family and friends, bake with you or even read you a book.

Travel support

You can even book a support worker to accompany you on your travel such as a weekend getaway or a few days away for a family reunion.


Do you require speech therapy, physiotherapy, podiatry or other kinds of allied health services? You may be able to find fully qualified independent therapists who are offering their services via Mable.

Respite care

For those who are lovingly cared for by family members, a little time out is much appreciated. You can arrange for a support worker to visit you so that your loved ones can go to an event or attend to personal matters. Your support worker can even stay overnight if required.

What kind of fees are involved?

What kind of fees are involved?

What kind of fees are involved?

It depends on whether you choose a traditional or a non-traditional aged care provider. A traditional one will supply you with services to the value of your funding, typically on a weekly basis. These organisations could also charge a high administration fee, meaning less funds overall for service delivery.

When you’re self managing your Home Care Package, providers who host your package typically offer a lower administration fee. That means you have more funding to spend on your services. By then using Mable to connect with independent support workers, you can read each person’s hourly rate on their profile and negotiate with them directly.

Tips for getting better care at home

  • Advocate as much as possible for yourself to get what you want. Enlist the help of family members if necessary.
  • Look beyond nursing and personal care and open your world through support sessions that promote more social and vibrant living.
  • Ask questions. If you’re not sure what you’re entitled to, ask for the information you need.
  • If your preference is to stay in your own home for longer, then assemble a team of support workers who can offer different services and provide backup if someone is not available.
  • Take an interest in your own care. Don’t settle for being told what you need if you have other expectations.
  • Invest a little time in choosing and matching with support workers who suit your personality, needs and availability. You don’t have to go ahead with the first one/s you meet.

Home care services are important and should meet your needs fully. If you have any other questions about taking control of your own support needs, we are only too happy to help. Call us on 1300 73 65 73 and we will support you with any questions you may have.



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