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  • Peace of mind

    Each independent support worker has been verified with both police checks and references.

  • Better value support

    Because we’re online, our costs are lower. We pass the savings onto you!

  • Freedom of choice

    Enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with having a direct relationship with your support team.

You can now use the Mable mobile app to rate and review your support worker

Great news! You can now rate and review your independent support workers on the Mable mobile app, without having to log on to the Mable website. You can navigate to the Rate and Review Worker screen for any worker with whom you’ve had an active or terminated agreement via a number of different points in the app. Go there via:

  • the top right menu on the conversation screen with the support worker
  • the support worker’s profile;
  • the timesheet page with the support worker; or
  • any time an agreement is terminated, the customer will be prompted to leave feedback.

Why are support worker reviews so important?

Support worker ratings and reviews help other people who are looking for support to make informed decisions around who they choose to get support from . Often, the best kind of feedback you can have is that left by others because they’re basing it on their own experience.

Find out more about the Mable Feedback system.

Support workers also benefit from receiving ratings and reviews. The constructive feedback received directly from the people they are supporting, can help them build their business and improve their skills.

Reminders to post reviews/ratings

The app will also send you a push notification to remind you to review your new support worker four-weeks after the first timesheet.
Now that you can post your ratings and reviews straight from the mobile app, it’s much easier and more convenient. We encourage you to play this important role in the Mable community, to help improve the experience for all.

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