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What if the client cancels an appointment? Do I still get paid?

This is a decision you get to make, as you are managing the long-term relationship with your clients. Generally, if the appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, we think it’s reasonable to still charge, but you should let your clients know in advance that this is your policy.
However, in the context of your long-term client relationship and perhaps considering the reason for the cancellation (e.g. your client had a hospital emergency) you may choose not to charge, or you might prefer to reschedule. Take into account how you feel when you can’t make an appointment and the service provider does or doesn’t charge. Remember, too, that the client can always terminate the agreement and provide feedback on their experience. Ultimately, it’s your judgement call. But having a good relationship and communicating clearly with your client will help achieve the right outcome.
If you choose to charge your client, you can complete an offer and write in the shift notes that the session was cancelled.
If you choose to reschedule, ensure that you record this in your timesheet.
If you choose not to charge, you can do this by simply not recording the session in your timesheet.

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