Understanding funding and the fine print

Where does the money come from?

Clients accessing your service via the Mable platform may be using government funding to pay their invoice. So, it’s important for you to understand some fundamentals about the various types of funding available to people with a disability and older Australians.
These are the two main sources of government funding used by clients who access support and services via the Mable platform:

When you’re running a business as a worker on the Mable platform, clients get to choose you. But your best clients may be people who aren’t even on the Mable platform yet. If you get talking to people in the community, you can really grow your own business for yourself by being able to explain the benefits to them of hiring their own workers versus being assigned staff by a provider.
Take a look at our resources about NDIS and CDC which illustrate how this works for Mable clients.
As an independent worker, it is also important to understand what your obligations are when providing a service funded by the government. We suggest consulting with your client about any goals, objectives or guidelines that may apply to their individual funding.

What’s in the fine print? Guiding service delivery

There are many papers, policies and acts of legislation in place to inform and guide service delivery in disability and aged care. These are some recommended resources.
We encourage all independent workers to conduct their own research and keep up-to-date with changes in their relevant sector of service.