• I want to hire a support person who does not have qualifications and tra...

I want to hire a support person who does not have qualifications and train them myself. Is this possible?

People have diverse needs and preferences when hiring support people. For some people, a support person’s qualifications are the most important aspect. For other people, a person’s personality, attitude or interests might be the most important.
Mable verifies key qualifications as part of the on-boarding process for support people. These qualifications determine which services a support person can list on their profile.
If you would like to hire a support person for a service that is not listed on their profile, you will need to make sure the person has the appropriate skills and experience to provide the service. This could be done by providing them with formal or on-the-job training by someone qualified to do this, or asking them to do a competency assessment at a recognised training organisation.
It is important that you keep records of any training you provide to the support person, as the insurer may take this into consideration when assessing claims in case of an accident.
For medication assistance, nursing services, or high care services (e.g. PEG feeding, ventilator assistance etc) Mable strongly recommends that you only hire people who have relevant qualifications / experience and list the service on the Mable profile.

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