How to contact and hire a support worker on Mable

This video is about how to message independent support workers on the Mable platform and how to negotiate an offer when you are ready to hire them.
Step one: You can message support workers on Mable by going onto their profile and selecting the ‘contact’ button.
Step two: When you click the ‘contact’ button, it will take you to a conversation page where you can talk about your needs, rates and availability with the support worker.
Step three: Once you have typed a message to the support worker, click the ‘send’ button. Once the support worker has replied, we recommend having a phone conversation or scheduling an interview before hiring them.
Step four: Once you have reached an agreement with the support worker, they will send you an offer for your approval (please note: you will not be able to accept an offer without providing Mable with your payment details). If you are happy with the offer from the support worker, you can click ‘accept’ – when you click ‘accept’ you have officially hired the support worker and a deposit will be taken from your credit card or other payment method. After accepting an offer, you will then be able to see the support worker’s contact details and they will be able to see yours. If you do not agree with the offer you can click ‘decline’, and this will send a message back to the support worker for them to amend the offer.
Step five: You can also terminate the agreement at any time by clicking ‘terminate agreement’.

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