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How to help your clients find and attract care workers on Mable – coordinators guide

Here are some tips to help your clients find and attract care workers on the Mable platform.

  1. To get the best workers, be flexible with their rates and working hours

In order to maximise your reputation and to attract the best care workers, it’s important to respond to messages promptly and be flexible when negotiating hours and rates. Delayed responses to interested care and support workers can mean that those workers lose interest or are engaged by someone else while they are waiting on your reply.

  1. Ensure that your messages are easy to read and understand 

Because care and support workers come from a variety of backgrounds, messages to them should be simple, concise and in plain language. This will help avoid miscommunication. Workers are also more likely to respond well to a personal, conversational message, rather than a message which reads like a job advertisement. Here’s an example of an effective message to a care worker:

  1. Message workers directly where possible

Sending messages to individual care and support workers is much more effective than posting a job to multiple workers. Workers are not obliged to respond to job posts but we ask that they respond to messages within 24 hours regardless of their interest and availability. Workers tend to react more positively to a client that has chosen them specifically and taken the time to send them a message.

  1. If you’re time bound, feel free to message several care workers about the same service request 

Care and support workers are unable to see if you are speaking to others on the platform regarding the same service request. We suggest contacting several workers that meet your client’s requirements if you’re time bound, in case the first person you contact is unable to assist or takes a while to reply.

  1. Give enough notice when messaging care workers about service requests 

It is best to allow workers more notice where possible as they may not be able to reply immediately to requests due to other work commitments.

  1. Tell your clients about the benefits of hiring care workers on Mable

By engaging workers directly via Mable, you can offer your client more choice and flexibility, and better value – including more hours of care and support from someone they have an ongoing relationship with. It is important that clients understand these benefits, particularly when you are offering them choice in relation to services provided.

  1. Empower your clients, give them the opportunity to self-manage where possible

The foundation of CDC and the NDIS is empowering consumers to have choice and control. The Mable organisational login allows clients to self-manage their care and support, while still having oversight from a coordinator. In our experience, clients who are given the opportunity to self-manage (where appropriate) are more satisfied with the care and support they receive, and are able to self-schedule – reducing the workload for coordinators.
If clients choose to self-manage, Mable can help them create a profile, and can provide ongoing phone support to assist them with using the platform.

  1. Use our advanced search system to filter your and your client’s requirements 

On Mable, we have care and support workers with a variety of skills, qualifications, experience and interests. Please use Advanced Search to filter according to the requirements you and your client have. Although this information is available on their profiles, and we encourage our workers to keep their profiles up-to-date, if your client has specific needs, it’s best to discuss these with the workers directly. You are also able to request workers to provide original copies of certification, references etc. if necessary.

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