How to create a Facebook page to promote your business

Social media is undoubtedly a powerful form of marketing. When marketing your care and support services, it can be a great place to start. We’ve previously touched on the benefits of creating a corporate Facebook page, as you can include information about your services and promote yourself publicly to your local community. Corporate Facebook Pages are free to set up – here are the useful resources on how to get started:

Step 1 – Create a page

If you haven’t created a Facebook page, visit this page to follow the instructions.

Step 2 – Set up a page 

After you created the page, here’s how you can set it up to reach the right people.

Step 3 – Business type

  • Select ‘community service‘ for business type

Step 4 –  Your Facebook page name

  • Create the name of your Facebook page – this name will help people find you in search results. Please use the following name for your Facebook Page: *Name* – independent support worker on Mable’.

Step 5 – Make sure to add bio on the page and link to Mable profile

  • This step gives you the opportunity to briefly tell people what your page is about. You will be able to add more details later in your page settings. In your bio, we recommend you write something similar to the following: ‘ I am an independent support worker on the Mable platform, offering social support and domestic assistance. Connect with me directly on!’
  • After writing your bio, the next step gives you the opportunity to add a link to your Mable profile. You can find your unique link to your Mable profile in the accounts section: (Log in, click on ‘Accounts’ and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click ‘download flyers and cards’).

Step 6 – Profile picture

Time to add a picture of yourself! To ensure that potential clients recognise you when they search you via Mable, make sure you use the same photo you have used on your Mable profile. If you think your current profile photo needs work, click here for some tips of how to attract more clients with a great profile photo.

All ready to go!

Perfect! Your Facebook Page is ready to go! You can send this link to your friends, family and share it on a number of Facebook groups to help promote your services.
You can also upload a cover photo to your Facebook page. Click here to download Mable’s approved cover photo. If you’re not sure what to post on your page, click here to get some ideas.
Please ensure that you keep in mind our brand values. If you’re unsure or would like us to provide you with tips and ideas about your page, please email our support team with a link to your Facebook page for approval at
Remember, if a potential client contacts you via social media, make sure you introduce them to the Mable platform for your own safety & to ensure you are covered by the insurance that’s arranged on your behalf when you’re booked through Mable.
We look forward to watching your business flourish on!
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