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How to change home care providers

So, you are not happy with your home care provider and want to switch – what do you do? The good news is you have the freedom to choose change.
Before you make the decision to move your home care package, we recommend you do a little research to ensure you are informed.

Make sure you know…

1. Your package level (1 – 4) and how much individual funding you have per year/day to spend.
2. What your provider is charging for administration and case management. (And therefore how much money you have left over for services. Some charge up to 50% – leaving only half of your package to spend on care.)
3. What your provider is charging per hour for services. (Some charge upwards of $48 an hour – while workers on the Mable platform charge an average of $35).
4. Any fees and charges. Your provider will most likely charge an exit fee to move your package, so make sure you are aware of what this will be to avoid any rude shocks. (The Government may cap this fee at around $320, this is yet to be confirmed)
5. Where you would like to move your package to. Mable works with a number of progressive providers that will charge minimal fees to host your package, offer ‘tiered’ client advice (if you feel this is needed for you) and allow you to use Mable to find and directly hire service yourself. Make sure you have taken the time to ensure you can get the best deal for your funding before you start the process of moving.

Once you know who you want to switch to…

Step 1: You have a responsibility to tell your provider of the day you intend to cease receiving home care services, before you change providers. You will need to agree this date with your current provider – and give them at least two weeks notice of this date. We recommend starting this conversation as early as possible.
Step 2: Ensure you can start with your new provider on or just after the agreed cessation date to avoid any gaps in care. Your new provider should work with you to develop an individual care plan.
Step 3: Once you know this, contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 – you will then receive a referral code, which you should take note of. Ensure you are clear with My Aged Care about what provider you want to port to – otherwise they will send you a list of possible providers. My Aged Care will inform the new provider.
Step 4: Your new provider will accept your client referral through My Aged Care and will be in touch with you to develop a Home Care Agreement which meets your needs.
Top tip!
Your unspent funds – When you move your package, any unspent home care package funds will move with you to your new provider. Importantly, your existing provider has 70 day in which to do this – so it is important to note that you may not have access to these unspent funds immediately.

Our partner providers

There are a number of progressive providers who we have been working with who can administer your funds, provide you with client advice if you need it and happy for you to work with Mable to find and directly hire your own care and support workers.
Contact us on 1300 73 65 73 to find out more.
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