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Mable offers you the opportunity to build your career around your life, while making a difference in someone else’s. Connect directly with people in your community looking for care and support. Set your own rates and hours and choose clients you want to work with.

As a Mable care worker, you are backed by a nationally recognised brand, which gives you instant credibility and kudos.
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Our resources are designed to help you learn how to use the Mable platform and to make the most of opportunities to build your own business.
You can start right here, by watching our Care Worker playlist on YouTube, which features videos about how to use the platform to find, communicate with and manage your clients all online.

The following articles provide you with handy links and information to ensure you have the foundation skills to provide exceptional service to your clients:

Understanding funding and the fine print
Fair trading for your clients
Keeping clients safe

Additional client resources can be downloaded here:

– NPS MedicineWise Medicines List Proforma
– Your Client’s Profile Proforma
– Care Plan template
– Checklist for Manual Handling of People
– Charter of Care Recipients Rights
– Home Visiting Guide
– Home Risk Assessment Form

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For self-employed care workers and nurses, setting the right price is an important first step in establishing your business. Although you are using the Mable platform, your care business is all yours, and it’s up to you to determine what to charge your clients. It is important that you set rates that will make you profitable, but which are still fair to your customers.
Care worker fees can vary based on location, your credentials and experience and the services you are offering. In the beginning, you might decide to charge a little less while you build your reputation.
Whether you’re providing social and domestic services, personal care or nursing, the following tips will help you establish a price point you are comfortable with.

Check out the rates of other care workers in your area

A number of factors will determine what price is fair to charge for your services, including location and competition. Much like housing prices will change depending on neighbourhoods, prices for your care services will also depend on where your business is based.

Checking out what other care workers in your area charge, as well as local home care agencies is a good place to start. Note that often, agencies charge a lot more because of their many overheads such as advertising, insurances, legal fees, rent, supplies, bills, and more. Fortunately for you, many of these overhead costs are included in Mable’s 10% commission – but you do need to consider adding this to your rates as well.

Remember, what eventually determines a rate is the marketplace. You could have all the qualifications in the world, but if there are care workers operating in your area with equal qualifications at a cheaper rate, then the users of your services have the power to ‘shop around’ for better value.

How to create more value

If you want to be able to charge more, your clients must feel they are accessing great value for money by hiring you. This may be achieved by having a professional personal image, great client references, offering an ‘on call’ service or simply a better quality of customer service.

What defines ‘good customer service’ can be hard to pinpoint, but will definitely include the following:

– Being cheerful, polite and professional at all times
– Listening to what your customers really want and being responsive to their needs
– Handling any customer feedback with care and concern
– Responding to your clients quickly
– Ensuring you deliver on any promises
– Thanking your customers for their business – do something special for them every now and again to show your appreciation

Clients may also appreciate you showing initiative and suggesting activities or teaching them new skills to build their independent living skills.

Think about the services you are offering

The types of services you provide to your clients will largely determine your rate. Care workers who offer a wider range of services, such as house cleaning, bathing, administering medication, shopping, running errands or driving to doctor appointments, can generally charge more. People with formal qualifications such as a certificate or diplomas in nursing, aged or community care, can also attract a higher rate.

Also think about the amount of work you’ll be doing. For example, if you are looking after a couple, maybe you will want to add a little more to your normal rate.

Lastly, you may also consider how far you have to drive to get to the job, how many hours you’ll be working each day and how many times per week. If you are working regularly with the same client, you might decide to provide them with a special rate.

 Top tip!
Most care and support workers on the Mable platform charge between $30 – $40 an hour. Use this as a starting point when thinking about your own rate. Note that you cannot enter or agree to an hourly rate of less than $24 per hour. Read this article on our help centre for more information on minimum rates.