How can I update Facebook and LinkedIn to display that I am a care worker using the Mable platform?

Please find the below examples you can refer to when updating your social media platforms. The most important thing to emphasise is that you are worker who can be hired directly on the Mable platform.
If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to contact the Mable team to confirm on 1300 73 65 73.

Let all your Facebook friends know that you are a care or support worker offering your services on the Mable platform. Update your work section on your profile to: ‘Care Worker on Mable’ – This could potentially lead to referrals.

Please also view our five ways to market yourself on Facebook.

With your LinkedIn profile, you have much more space and opportunity to clearly convey your work as a care or support worker on the Mable platform.
Below is an example you can follow. Make sure you include a link to your profile in the description, so potential clients are able to find your profile and hire you directly if they wish.