As a care worker, how do I know I’ll be paid by the client?

It is important that care workers immediately complete their timesheet each time care is delivered. Mable deducts the cost of care from the client’s account balance and, when necessary, debits the client’s credit card to keep the client’s account in credit.

In the event that a client’s credit card is declined, we will be temporarily unable to collect payment. Non-collection will appear in your account records, which you can view from your dashboard. We will message you if this occurs. As they are your client, you can discuss this with them and decide whether you are willing to take the risk of continuing to provide scheduled services until you are paid. We take this risk with you, as we don’t get paid unless you get paid.

We will also contact the client and attempt to collect payment as soon as possible. In the meantime, the client will not be able to book new care workers. However, there is a risk we can never collect payment in which case neither you, nor Mable, will receive payment. You have the option at any time to terminate your agreement with a client.

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