Applying for or linking an NDIS Worker Screening Check

The NDIS Worker Screening Check is a standardised national assessment for all disability support workers. You can apply for the check if you’re engaged to provide NDIS support or services. It’s not currently a mandatory requirement for those who provide services via Mable.

Apply for your check

Apply for your NDIS Worker Screening Check through your state or territory agency. Fees are set by them. You can link to us as your provider for the purpose of the check only. Once you’ve linked to Mable, we’ll accept it so your application can progress.

Visit the NDIS Commission’s website to find your agency. 

Link your check

You can link your existing check to Mable. Login to the NDIA portal and enter the provider details.

Provider details:

Mable Technologies Pty Ltd

Level 12

255 Pitt Street

Sydney NSW 2000

Provider ID 4-FWMK1ME

Setting your indicative rates on Mable

Being an independent support worker on the Mable platform means building your own business on your terms, at rates that suit you and your client. 

Setting payment rates

When creating your Mable profile, you have the opportunity to provide an indication of your hourly or flat rates. These “indicative rates” for weekdays, weekends and 24-hour shifts will be displayed to any client that views your profile on Mable. Here’s where you’ll provide your guide rates: 

How do ‘indicative rates’ work?

Whatever indicative rate you enter when you’re completing or editing your profile, these are not set in stone. Indicative rates are just that – indicative. They provide a guide to your potential clients to help them make an informed and fair decision about who supports them. Indicative rates might consider your experience, qualifications, other skills (such as languages), ratings/reviews, from clients, the services you offer, the rates of other workers in your area offering similar services and should take into account that as an independent worker you are responsible for your own holiday pay, sick leave, taxes and contributions to superannuation. Also, don’t forget that the actual rate you will receive will be 10% less than the agreed rate, reflective of Mable platform fees.

Deciding on agreed rates with each client

Once you connect with a client and begin discussing their support needs, you’ll also start discussing an appropriate hourly rate (or rates) for the services you agree to provide to them. Your indicative rates are a good starting point. However you and your client might suggest raising or lowering this rate or rates based on various factors including the complexity of the services (e.g. you might be highly qualified but the client requires only companionship), travel time, travel and other expenses you might incur, the length of the support session and whether it’s a one off or ongoing engagement.   

What are the indicative rates of other workers with similar qualifications to me?

It can vary significantly based on the factors outlined above and your location. We summarise below what other workers are generally charging when they set their rates based on information displayed on their profiles. What you charge is entirely up to you, although you cannot enter an indicative rate or agree to an actual rate below $25 per hour.  

  • Social support and domestic assistance
    Workers who provide social support and domestic assistance usually lend a hand around the house and garden, help with shopping and offer companionship or support with outings. Providing these services does not necessarily require experience, but is a vital service to many clients. We observe support workers offering these services usually setting their indicative rates anywhere between $35 to $45 per hour on weekdays and $40 to $55 on weekends
  • Personal care
    Workers offering personal care services usually involves assisting a client with their personal hygiene, medication assistance and preparing meals in their home. To offer these services, you’ll need a minimum of two years’ experience or relevant qualifications in providing personal care. We observe workers providing personal care usually set their indicative rates anywhere between $35-$50 per hour on weekdays, and possibly higher for clients with complex needs and where the worker is highly qualified. We see weekend rates often between $45-$60.
  • Nursing services
    Obtaining nursing qualifications requires many years of study and experience. If you’re a registered nurse (RN) and have had at least one year experience, you can offer your services as a qualified nurse on Mable. Workers providing nursing services usually value their expertise and we see them often setting their indicative rates anywhere between $50-$70 per hour and $70 to $90 on weekends
  • Allied Health services
    Whether you’re a speech pathologist, occupational therapist, psychologist or physiotherapist, you can provide your services independently on Mable. We observe workers providing Allied Health services setting indicative rates anywhere between $90-$150 per hour, sometimes more

Fixed Rates

In setting indicative fixed rates or agreeing fixed rates for longer service sessions, remember to consider the time you are active versus the time you are passive or sleeping.

Remember, your indicative and agreed rates are decided between you and your clients and can take into account many factors. We hope you find clients you click with, where the work is rewarding and where you feel fairly compensated for the amazing work you do.

How to access your Business Net Income Statement for EOFY

On your Mable account, you can easily access a summary of the net monthly business income paid to you, by your clients, over the financial year. This document is called your Business Net Income Statement.

1. What does the Business Net Income Statement include?

The statement lists your month-by-month business net income as well as the total business net income for the financial year, less the support worker Mable platform fee. 

2. Where can I find it?

Click here to view and download your summary. Or, log into Mable via our website and select ‘Billing’ on the left-hand menu. From there, simply select ‘Business Income‘.

3. When will my statement be available?

Your Business Net Income Statement will be available to download early July 2021.

4. How can I access statements from previous financial years?

To access statements from previous financial years, click here.

5. What period does the statement cover?

The statement includes payments within the current financial year only. Payments received after 30th June 2021 will be included in the following financial year’s statement.

6. Why do I need this statement?

You are operating your business through the Mable platform. Your Business Net Income Statement can be used with the ATO, along with any other end-of-financial-year documents.


Note: The above information should not be considered legal, accounting or tax advice. We recommend you speak with an accountant, tax adviser or your financial adviser and we expressly disclaim any responsibility for any action taken or not taken based on this information.

Why should I offer a meet and greet with a client?

Meeting with your potential client helps you understand if you and your client feel comfortable and if you’re the right fit for each other. Meet and greets are usually an informal chat and can be virtual or in person.

If you want to offer free meet and greets you can do this by editing your profile.

Where to start

  • Set up a meet and greet in your chat with the client or accept an invite from the client
  • Pick a place to meet or use our video call feature
  • Download the Mable checklist as a guide
  • Take copies of your qualifications, police check, Working with Children Check and COVID vaccine evidence

How to meet

  • Video call – via video call on Mable
  • In person – pick a quiet but public location 

What to talk about

  • The services a client would like you to provide
  • What you can and can’t do
  • When you’re available or your weekly schedule

Trust and security

Your safety comes first so set up a video call if you don’t feel comfortable meeting in person. Meet in a public place if you meet in person.

Confirm the meeting details in the meet and greets invite so there’s a record.

If you feel uncomfortable, email or call us on 1300 73 65 73 and speak to one of our team at Mable.

How to cancel

We understand things can change so if you need to cancel you can do so in the meet and greets details page in your chat. Try to give 24 hours notice so there’s time for the client to plan.

What’s next?

If you and your potential client decide you’re the right fit, you can set up an agreement. Once your client accepts, you can start providing support. 

Download checklist 

View our Code of conduct

Edit your profile with ease!

We’ve launched some website changes to improve your experience in using the Mable platform. Your Mable profile has been made editable. You can now make any of the following updates to your profile, without the need to contact our Support team:

  • Bank account details
  • Address
  • Availability
  • Work history
  • Education and training
  • Care experience
  • Rates
  • Languages
  • Cultural background
  • Religion
  • Interests and hobbies
  • My preferences
  • Emergency contact

Keep your profile up to date

For best results, think of your profile as a living, breathing CV. Update your profile with any changes that have occurred, particularly around your work history and any qualifications you attain as you elevate your skills. A well written, up to date profile will greatly improve your chances of attracting and gaining clients who are just right for you, and vice versa.

You can also, preview your profile and see it from a client’s perspective.

Click here to update your profile.

If you have any questions or need some help, you can send us an email at or give us a call on 1300 73 65 73.

How to block and unblock someone

You can stop receiving messages, video calls, and agreements from someone by blocking them.

How to block someone


  1. Click on More Options
  2. Select Block ”name”
  3. Optional: tell us why you’re blocking this person so we can help improve our platform and keep users safe
  4. If you’re in an active agreement with this person you may also want to terminate it.

Mobile app:

  1. Tap on More Options
  2. Select Block ”name”
  3. Optional: tell us why you’re blocking this person so we can help improve our platform and keep users safe
  4. If you’re in an active agreement with this person you may also want to terminate it.


  • Messages, video calls and agreement requests sent by someone you have blocked will never be delivered to you.
  • Someone who is blocked will see that you have disabled messaging when they enter the conversation page. They will not actively be notified.
  • You can still report people you have blocked. And you can still be reported by people who have blocked you.


How to unblock a user


  1. Click on More Options or the Unblock button
  2. Select Unblock ”name”
  3. Optional: tell us why you are unblocking this person

Mobile app:

  1. Tap on More Options or the Unblock button
  2. Select Unblock ”name”
  3. Optional: tell us why you are unblocking this person

 When to block, report or make a complaint

  • Block someone when you don’t want to receive messages, video calls or agreements from them
  • Report someone when you want Mable to be aware of behaviour you think is inappropriate or unprofessional. We use your feedback to help keep the community safe but we may not contact you directly about this report
  • Make a complaint when you want Mable to formally investigate and respond to an issue you are having with someone

How do I get a police check?

Police Checks

For police checks to be approved by the Mable Team, we require all independent support workers to get a new Police Check through the link in your Mable account (via our verification partner), even if you have an existing check. Please note, the police check application can only be initiated through your Mable account, verification step link

You will need to update this police check every 3 years. Notify us immediately if you are charged with, or are convicted of, any criminal offence by emailing

We have partnered with Checked Australia so you can obtain a police check at a discounted price of $35. Once it is completed you will receive a copy and can use it for other purposes.

How do I send an offer?

After speaking with your client, you may come to an agreement about the services you are going to offer and the rates you are going to charge. In order to formalise the agreement made with your client, you will need to send an offer in the system.

Step one: Log into ‘‘.
Step two: Click ‘inbox’ and select the conversation with your client.
Step three: You will need to click the orange ‘offer an agreement’ button.
Step four: This will open up a form where you can indicate the rates you have agreed with your clients and to also specify the services you are offering and anything else that is important, such as what equipment should be present or what your cancellation terms are.
Step five: Once completing your ‘offer’ form – click ‘save and send agreement.’ This will be sent to your client for approval – they have the option to accept or reject your offer.
Step six: Once your client has accepted your offer, you will receive an email notifying you of this as well as a notification via the Mable platform.
Step seven: If you wish to edit your offer, click ‘amend agreement’.

How to respond to potential clients?

When a potential client messages you on Mable we will send you:

  • An email notification
  • Mable APP notification
  • SMS (if you have opted-in for Mable SMS)

If you can, try to respond to your client within an hour. If they have contacted you it is most likely they have contacted other support workers available in the area. Support workers who respond promptly will make a great impression and are more likely to get the job.
Even if you are not available you should still message the client promptly – they could refer you to a friend or have another job available in the future.
If the client has asked you a specific question, it is important that you answer their question clearly to avoid going back and forth. This is very important to the client to demonstrate you are listening to their needs.
After messaging with the client on Mable they might ask to call you, or meet with you in person for an interview.

Who can I use as a reference?

All support workers are required to submit two references as part of the application process.

  • If you are offering Personal Care, Nursing Services or Allied Health Assistance, you will need two professional references. Professional references include managers/supervisors, senior colleagues or trainers. The reference must relate to the work you intend to do on Mable. They must relate to the work or education history you listed on your profile. For personal care services, they will need to verify that you have conducted personal care services while working with them.
  • If you are only offering Social Support and Domestic Assistance, you will need two personal references. Personal references include colleagues at the same level or other qualified people who know you.

Family members or partners / spouses cannot be accepted as references under any circumstances.
If you are unsure who you can use as a reference, please call us on 1300 73 65 73.